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    Genre:commercial dance
4303 official dj-rankings.com


hot rod is an acclaimed DJ from

hot rod is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 4303 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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GoodtimesJackson ™ 5 hours ago:
Shoulda never gave u niggas money https://t.co/ybbu8D3STp
GoodtimesJackson ™ 7 hours ago:
Cmon love, your rent’s due tomorrow and this 🍆 ain’t gon suck itself https://t.co/GJhYLqZ34x
GoodtimesJackson ™ 9 hours ago:
When your girl breaks up with you and you have absolutely zero hoes 🧴 https://t.co/VV9bL97jNm
GoodtimesJackson ™ 9 hours ago:
😭😭😭 https://t.co/sA25dQww8l
GoodtimesJackson ™ 10 hours ago:
Girls built like this talk the most shit https://t.co/WOAjarKmRm
GoodtimesJackson ™ 10 hours ago:
When her boyfriend cheats for the 9th time and she finally lets you beat https://t.co/G5JfjJ0Kct
GoodtimesJackson ™ 11 hours ago:
KFC: Ok great! That’ll be $27.93 Me: How much is it if I bring my own chicken? https://t.co/7qlnvRpB7p
GoodtimesJackson ™ 11 hours ago:
When she asks what that tongue do https://t.co/oaNrfNHJ4U
GoodtimesJackson ™ 12 hours ago:
These weekends startin to feel like 30 minute lunch breaks ⚰️
GoodtimesJackson ™ 13 hours ago:
100% me as a immature ass father https://t.co/vxiogdz9PF
GoodtimesJackson ™ 15 hours ago:
Bout to report this lady to the police https://t.co/dsT8AXiY4p
GoodtimesJackson ™ 17 hours ago:
This mf roasted TF outta Karen ⚰️ https://t.co/KPqMNjSQ0H
GoodtimesJackson ™ 24 hours ago:
When ur man starts acting like a bitch https://t.co/wvSQzI2Dye
GoodtimesJackson ™ 1 day ago:
If you mix Taco Bell hot sauce into your ramen, it tastes exactly like poverty.
GoodtimesJackson ™ 1 day ago:
How old niggas look when they try to keep up with current fashion https://t.co/DeXuBRtxWC
GoodtimesJackson ™ 1 day ago:
@ZoeyDollaz And the other ones look like prime Sam Cassell
GoodtimesJackson ™ 1 day ago:
When you find yourself beating up the 3rd side bitch this week and realize maybe your nigga just aint shit... https://t.co/MhGmWuREoY
GoodtimesJackson ™ 2 days ago:
You either blowin her back out or she cheatin 🗣
GoodtimesJackson ™ 2 days ago:
RT @bryson_triller4: just be layin there like some road kill like tf🤣🤣👀
GoodtimesJackson ™ 2 days ago:
RT @CaptainHook1xxx: When You Buss & She Keeps On Stroking Ya Dick With Her Feet🥴

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