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    Genre:Hip-Hop, Open Format
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
3720 official dj-rankings.com

United States



homicide has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

homicide is performing within the field of Hip-Hop, Open Format music and is ranked 3720 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🤴🏾 20 seconds ago:
Just made some fries in my air fryer but i didnt rinse the tray off well enough afer i washed it so my fries tasted… https://t.co/6y1Afvkhlv
🤴🏾 16 minutes ago:
@GunnerTHIND @DRESINATRA @AlexiaSymonee Coffee code is cracked. Imma have to try that one https://t.co/1KAB8nKG41
🤴🏾 35 minutes ago:
@GunnerTHIND @DRESINATRA @AlexiaSymonee Cash app coffee fund is the new "Take her to Nobu"
🤴🏾 36 minutes ago:
Lmfao https://t.co/pFB96QrfVu
🤴🏾 37 minutes ago:
Real sniper action going on #OnHere https://t.co/KDDsBs0RXg
🤴🏾 38 minutes ago:
@GunnerTHIND @DRESINATRA @AlexiaSymonee This is next https://t.co/DdDbTLE684
🤴🏾 39 minutes ago:
🤴🏾 41 minutes ago:
@GunnerTHIND @DRESINATRA @AlexiaSymonee Dre's coffee fund https://t.co/dpFwokEycs
🤴🏾 53 minutes ago:
LoL https://t.co/vu0ZsDO0Vp
🤴🏾 1 hour ago:
@SeanFluent Real crazy
🤴🏾 2 hours ago:
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just now crawling out of bed for the first time today.
🤴🏾 2 hours ago:
Lol https://t.co/2uHpO98MgS
🤴🏾 2 hours ago:
Only sport that allows fighting https://t.co/b0y6Spu3xB
🤴🏾 4 hours ago:
I'm starting to like warmer weather and that it's really weird to me cuz I've hated it all my life
🤴🏾 5 hours ago:
Bape Decks > Supreme decks
🤴🏾 5 hours ago:
Starbucks oatmeal >>>
🤴🏾 5 hours ago:
@CoolBreezeLT Run that
🤴🏾 5 hours ago:
@Jlolita8 Where we going
🤴🏾 5 hours ago:
What's crazy is every adult should have their own money but for some reason this is a rarity https://t.co/JaiVs5fsxy
🤴🏾 6 hours ago:
LoL https://t.co/RI2K7GiCqM

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