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    Genre:Electro House, Tech House
    Location:London, United Kingdom
9346 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



goldierocks is a DJ from United Kingdom

goldierocks is performing within the field of Electro House, Tech House music and is ranked 9346 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Sam Hall 5 hours ago:
Our local.... the summer I found peace https://t.co/ZANSyU1AEu
Sam Hall 1 day ago:
RT @sohoradio: Mixcloud Select. Subscribe to Soho Radio's channel, allowing you to download shows to listen anytime, see upfront tracklist…
Sam Hall 1 day ago:
RT @sohoradio: Today on https://t.co/x8sGetFfuJ https://t.co/6iK5gCcvXo
Sam Hall 1 day ago:
Making radio shows now look at a lot different to how they did this time last year 👀 Catch me on @sohoradio today 2… https://t.co/9sjtEaB0qT
Sam Hall 2 days ago:
RT @Classic_Ibiza: Watch 👀 awesome Classic Ibiza DJ signing Jose Luis chat all things music to DJ @Goldierocks on our latest White Isle Dis…
Sam Hall 3 days ago:
Beirut 💔
Sam Hall 4 days ago:
Stay wild moon child ✌️🌕 https://t.co/APPky0pFjD
Sam Hall 5 days ago:
The finest feast I’ve had in months 🍝 Thank you @forzawin for a cracker of an evening- n’duja sauce & flat breads,… https://t.co/CEQkaEreJu
Sam Hall 6 days ago:
Pinch punch 1st of the month! With no festivals this summer (normally at this time in the season I’d be feeling bur… https://t.co/sNTgWnAalj
Sam Hall 1 week ago:
Fun chatting to @BarChick about my fave drinking haunts around the world, date spots & festival bars adventures! If… https://t.co/mnA9GigR7B
Sam Hall 1 week ago:
I miss festival season with every ounce of my being... the nomadic lifestyle, the music, the colour... so hungry fo… https://t.co/LmY8ywYHjk
Sam Hall 1 week ago:
Great catching up with our #WellnessWorks virtual retreat for @IOProjectHQ & @Studio_io 🧘‍♀️ So proud of you girls... breathe it all in!
Sam Hall 1 week ago:
RT @Classic_Ibiza: Watch DJ @Goldierocks chat to fabulous @UrbanSoulOrch frontwoman Fola about the joys of the Classic Ibiza family on our…
Sam Hall 1 week ago:
The Tiger King era of quarantine seems like it was years ago...
Sam Hall 1 week ago:
First time in a gym since Feb 🥴... FINE! First time doing any exercise since Feb 😭🙈
Sam Hall 2 weeks ago:
RT @SoVeryBritish: Good for the garden
Sam Hall 2 weeks ago:
✊ https://t.co/us1rpuE8s0
Sam Hall 2 weeks ago:
Barn raves & beach walks... good to let off some steam in pretty Suffolk 🌳 @ Ipswich, Suffolk https://t.co/qZ2EsDbt6o
Sam Hall 2 weeks ago:
RT @wearethentia: @Goldierocks IT’S IMPORTANT NOW TO DRIVE THIS MESSAGE POLITICALLY! Email your Local MP today! https://t.co/y30NtZ65zg…
Sam Hall 2 weeks ago:
#LetUsDance is an urgent plea for the UK Government to recognise that the dance music club and events sector must b… https://t.co/l2X4Wt8FyH

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