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    Genre:House, Progressive House
    Location:Birmingham, United Kingdom
1523 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



funkagenda is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

funkagenda is performing within the field of House, Progressive House music and is ranked 1523 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 58 minutes ago:
Birmingham, bet you did not think this was gonna be bigger than your Covid cases in 2021, but here we are. https://t.co/zCPlUNXBdj
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 hour ago:
Oh this is the coolest thing to happen in ages! Thanks for the like @miguelbarclay, and for all the inspiration! https://t.co/gm6WBKNo0x
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 hours ago:
Awesome. https://t.co/rnkwDcyF4Q
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 hours ago:
@_DanielJohnson7 https://t.co/nUSVAkWtQJ
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 hours ago:
Got these gorgeous artworks today. Love them! https://t.co/n1k0w4JsUw
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 hours ago:
@TheLastLeg #namethislockdown Lockdown III - HAPPY NEW TIER!
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 9 hours ago:
Made Bread Upma for lunch... NOM! #Veganuary2021 #vegan #veganmeal #veganmealideas #veganeats #plantbased… https://t.co/SLmitekWqC
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 14 hours ago:
If you know, you know... https://t.co/6ENHb2xpjs
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 16 hours ago:
#facts https://t.co/HVmgBPkk1q
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
Roasted Brussel Sprouts + Celeriac with homemade Spinach + Walnut Pesto Spaghetti... #vegan #veganmeal… https://t.co/AHJqcXVbJ2
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
Rewatching this... That @BT soundtrack slaps... https://t.co/dNCVetzCy4
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
@Laser_Cat It rattles a bit...
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
Homemade #Veganuary2021 spinach + walnut pesto... https://t.co/62p0wRjFPi
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
Wildlife... https://t.co/uzF23wklTy
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
@Darudevil Like trump has been wearing the same red tie for 4 years but did we see the hill do a “Donald Trump wear… https://t.co/x3rzgzIcFX
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
We’re in the middle of impeachment proceedings and the hill turns into the fashion police... #sad https://t.co/UB3vX6r7m2
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@gtfoKillua Thank you 🙏🏼 x
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@gtfoKillua I have an Instagram with all my food on 😍 it’s: funkagendasspinonfood x
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
#Veganuary2021 Korma Style Lamb Stew with Roasted Potato Wedges... #vegan #veganmeal #veganmealideas #veganeats… https://t.co/n3mY6frTeN
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
RT @MyDudes_: https://t.co/n3ZqlFnsVD

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