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    Genre:Electro House, Progressive House
    Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
    Date of birth:1981-01-05
35 official dj-rankings.com




deadmau5 is considered one of the best DJ brands in the world

deadmau5 is performing within the field of Electro House, Progressive House music and is ranked 35 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

deadmau5 is 39 years old, and his zodiac is Capricorn.

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Goat lord 2 days ago:
just 1 week until the mau5 is playing a sold-out drive-in show. tickets still available for Saturday 15th ;)… https://t.co/OD5PfPSxHH
Goat lord 3 days ago:
seeya at the drive-in Toronto! tickets available for next Saturday 08.15 :D video: @semsaucey… https://t.co/QdhxHL1pjv
Goat lord 4 days ago:
Goat lord 5 days ago:
night 2, on sale now :) https://t.co/207S2eXo5Y https://t.co/IcivI35kmG
Goat lord 5 days ago:
toronto! friday night's sold out, soooooo we're going again on Saturday :D tickets on sale at 12pm EST! https://t.co/ijiU6wtKBb
Goat lord 5 days ago:
see you soon Toronto :P https://t.co/QEEVcXxvPb https://t.co/6xToOelVWX
Goat lord 6 days ago:
...and we’re now on-sale! https://t.co/PRP9A0Ce92 https://t.co/IeakyllP8N
Goat lord 6 days ago:
hey Toronto! we’re onsale in ten mins :) https://t.co/QEEVcXfUqB
Goat lord 1 week ago:
Goat lord 1 week ago:
Toronto! happy to announce a small drive-in show on Aug 14th! yes this is about having fun, but pls know the team h… https://t.co/Vhqb83Gq91
Goat lord 1 week ago:
@MusicTechMag :)
Goat lord 1 week ago:
Goat lord 1 week ago:
the mau5 has launched OSC/PILOT; a performance tool for digital artists + musicians. the software currently support… https://t.co/7koW7I5DYg
Goat lord 2 weeks ago:
Goat lord 2 weeks ago:
RT @1null1: Amazing guest judges in the Interactive and Immersive TouchDesigner esports Championship finals! Derivative founder Greg Herma…
Goat lord 2 weeks ago:
friday mood :P video credit @semsaucey https://t.co/okq7Jy2W3q
Goat lord 2 weeks ago:
mau5 has got 3 albums in this list :D cc @mau5trap @DeanwWilson https://t.co/TYuwBHLoB3
Goat lord 3 weeks ago:
got a favourite character? #duckington ;) watch the full music video produced by @smearballz now on YouTube! Cc:… https://t.co/fSuJJyT6jv
Goat lord 3 weeks ago:
the boss. image credit: @semsaucey https://t.co/TlvwLF6uGZ
Goat lord 3 weeks ago:
fresh merch drop at the @mau5hop!! https://t.co/H7GZduahH4 https://t.co/YZKQG1kgiI

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