New material premiered by Avicii: Listen to the bizarre mix-set at Ultra

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Regardless of the heatlh condition that had the Swedish house DJ cancelling his gigs in India, he still stepped up at Ultra, premiering tracks from his heavily anticipated album. Eager crowds were packed in the main stage to hear the performance, but I bet they weren't expecting what Bergling had in stall. Take a listen to the part of the 75-minute performance by the Swedish not so house DJ, and decide for yourself. Our editorial staff is a bit confused on what went down. While Avicii was on the stage, his mentor Nile Rodgers discussed Daft Punk news in the back stage. The Chic frontman's protege later commented on his new album: "It's going to be a lot of acoustic elements but kind of twisted a little bit. It's way more songs than I've done before and it's everything from folk records to more soulful songs."

Photo: Ultra 2013 by Miamism

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