A State Of Trance 600, Beirut: Andrew Rayel, Antillas, Marlo and the superstar headliners

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Beirut was taken over by #ASOT 600 and a line-up of Antillas, Andrew Rayel, Dash Berlin, John O’Callaghan, MaRLo and the man of the hour, Armin van Buuren himself. Pretty busy weekend for the currently best ranked Dutch DJ in the world, with a show in Sofia a night earlier, there's no doubt he was warmed up for Beirut. Wondering how he keeps up with a busy tour schedule while managing to produce new music and handle his personal life? Check out the insightful documentary: A Year With Armin van Buuren

Also: Read the official statement on #ASOT 600 festivities, and check out the tour schedule here!

The organizers shared their happiness about the successful leg of 'The Expedition':

Last night, the heart of EDM beat louder than ever. Its epicentre was Beirut’s Forum de Beyrouth, in Lebanon’s vivid capital. Thousands of A State of Trance lovers gathered, celebrating a milestone in trance history. A State of Trance 600 has definitely left an impression, not only on its visitors but also on the ten-thousands of people who enjoyed the live broadcast!

We’d like to thank all of the clubbers, for sending us your love, passion and smiles. The DJ’s, Antillas, Andrew Rayel, Dash Berlin, John O’Callaghan, MaRLo and of course Armin van Buuren for the incredible sets! The online ASOT community, for sending us an incredible amount of tweets, comments and shout-outs, turning the globe into a dance floor with your love for music. This was another ASOT600 experience to remember.

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