A Sit Down With DJ Prophet

14:54 Dec/06/2017

DJ The Prophet, also called the 'Godfather of Hardstyle', as he is one of the few acts who has succeeded in maintaining a thriving career from the early days, right up to the modern era. For thirty golden years, DJ The Prophet has achieved personal milestones as he shaped the genre we know today as Hardstyle and cultivated new opportunities for rising artists.

In 1984 DJ The Prophet started with producing Hip Hop, with his first big event named 'Let The Prophet Rise' in 1988 with a crowd of 2000 people. In 1990 he started producing Hardcore as one of the pioneers, being part of the Thunderdome generation and the first DJ team in the world "The Dreamteam". He had great successes with tracks like 'Dominatin" in 1993, 'Big Boys Dont Cry" in 1994, 'Allright Now Here We Go!" in 1994 and 'Killing Scum", also from the year 1994 and many more after.

With a strong antiquity, DJ The Prophet continued his legacy by also shaping Hardstyle's modern era with his diverse releaseses. From the smashing 'Kikkdrum" to 'Timemachine" and of course the floorfiller 'Caramba!", DJ The Prophet is endorsed for capturing all the Hardstyle possibilities.


 "I just want to make cool music, where you can set up your bass-face."


Do you superstar?

I am no superstar. I am a human being like all of us, so let’s start with treating each other equally and then check what will happen in the world. When someone comes to me and treats me like a superstar… I just try to be me. That is what I am and that is who I am – nothing more and nothing less. I mean, back in the days when I started there were no ‘DJs’ like nowadays. The DJ is now a band; a rock-star/pop-star. In my days - you didn’t get paid to play all night in a club! You were happy that the owner let you play on their equipment.

How do you see yourself in your music?

Everyday I feel limited as a DJ/Producer – especially in Holland. People are so narrow-minded here but from now on I will do what I really like. The harder styles of music are in my heart; when I hear a distorted kick, I feel good – that’s how it is and I think how it will always be but, despite that, I think it’s good to look around you. What do you listen to when you want to escape from your daily life? What do you dance to? What do you have sex to? I still look around and I make ‘minimal music’ or ‘house music’ – that doesn’t mean I have to break with anything. The future is mine. Retiring is sitting down and doing something you like without working… But what I do is working and doing what I like. I will be the ?rst DJ who dies on stage!

Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares? If not, what’s the last dream you remember having?

Nope, I don’t. My last dream was about sushi—I went to bed a bit hungry.

If you could have one magical/superpower, what would you want, and why?

Guess I would love to fly, like most other people, because it’s something we cannot do now.

How do you create music?

I just like music and because of that I bought some stuff. I guess, from that moment, I suddenly became a ‘producer’ too. Now you just need a computer. You download some Torrents with some programs, then some plug-ins, you create something and you are a producer too!  That is something that has completely changed since back then…We needed very expensive hardware, like synthesisers, expensive computers etc. You really had to be commited to what you wanted or else you would lose a lot of money. My opinion is still that if a DJ is really fully commited to what he or she does and they believe in what they do, and get a little push from the right people, then they will get there.

What’s the last sound you would want to hear before you die?

Whatever comes from a Roland TB-303.

In recent years you have lost your music track...

It's so fast in our scene, I was so busy wondering what the audience would like, that I lost my own direction, my own style was gone, I had to go back to the question: What do I like? 

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Did you take it?

Dude, you’re too old, man—you better quit DJing.  And yes.


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