A Sit Down With DJ Stafford Brothers

14:46 Nov/28/2017

Stafford Brothers are the hottest Australian DJ and production team to hit the US electronic party scene in recent years. Since relocating to Los Angeles from the land down under, brothers Matt and Chris Stafford have collaborated with titans of industry,sold millions of records, and now host headline club nights in the party capitals of the world. In their home country, they were voted the number one DJ’s  three times in consecutive succession, and in the same year ranked in the DJ Mag Top 100.

The brothers tapped into a whole new audience with two seasons of The Stafford Brothers on Fox8 – and, Chris says freely, their involvement was always more about strategy than any lofty ambition of educating the masses about DJ culture.

"We can be DJs and travel and be so energetic because we are quite fit…and a bit mental."

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Did you always want to be DJs?

Matt: Not always, I wanted to play rugby at a top level and also wanted to be a guitarist in a rock band. DJing wasn't the biggest thing when we grew up.

Chris: I wanted to play rugby when I was younger, a cartoonist at one stage and a magician. I definitely didn't want to do something normal.

You’re one of few acts that have a brand that includes much more than just DJ/Producing. How do you split the workload?

Chris: we have separate roles which is good. Matt is definitely the businessman and he’s making the deals and organizing that side of our life.

How do you manage to fit dating into your schedule?

Chris: Our schedule is crazy so that is the problem. We are constantly travelling and are never in one place for long. There would have to be a lot of planning ahead.

You’re touring constantly- what keeps you guys motivated to keep going?

We just love doing it. Yes, hung over flights aren’t fun, but we really do love being on the road. What motivates us is that we want to get to the top and you can’t do that without the hard work!

You’ve done a lot of amazing things in your career; what’s currently at the top of your bucket list?

Matt: I mean I’d love a #1 single in America. That’s the top goal right now, definitely.

Chris: We’ve had a lot of success in our home country but now it’s time to do it here.

What`s the most romantic place you`ve ever been to?

Matt: I'm not exactly the most romantic person, but Ibiza is known as a crazy place, but it's also very beautiful. There are amazing beaches, great restaurants. I love everything about it and so does Brooke, so when we are there together it's great.

Chris: I've been to Paris. That was with my brother though. But I think it is a beautiful city and could be very romantic.

When do you find time to workout between touring and music and all your other projects?

Matt: We just woke up morning and hit the gym. It’s best to get it out of the way first thing before shit gets in the way.

Chris: One hour a day, that’s all we need. Some days you can’t and that’s okay but if you have the time just go and workout.

You`ve achieved worldwide success -  where`s the best place you`ve played?

Matt: There are just too many places to list. Gigs in Ibiza and Mykonos stand out for Europe, and Miami in the USA has always been great.

What was the hardest part about transitioning between Australia and the US?

Chris: Nothing really. We moved in and it was great. To be honest, I think one of the problems was that we moved to a house in LA and then we moved away and went to Newport and then back to Australia for a bit. It was disjointed for a while there, but now we’ve got a house in LA, and we finally have a home.

Matt: And literally the past month was the first time we had a home base in 8 months or something.


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