Deadmau5 makes a fair point

15:07 Jul/02/2015

If you're getting paid mega bucks to perform, then you better make sure you put plenty of money into your show, according to Deadmau5.

He's not one to settle for two decks and a mixer (remember the touch screen software he used at Pukkelpop last year?) and, with the amount of money getting paid to acts at some EDM events, believes investment should be put into shows to live up to the paycheck.

"There are easy ways to convey your music but I like to build more of a show around it, even though a lot of the principles remain the same: that I'm playing back a lot of premeditated things and pre-produced things but I'm not doing it with two $500 pieces of Pioneer shit and a glow stick in my mouth.

"If you're going to pay a guy upwards of $500,000 to a million fucking dollars to stand on a stage in front of however many people at 'X' EDM event, if you're not putting at least 200 grand into your stage show other than an LED wall and some backline stuff, it's just the biggest rip off."

We've gotta say he makes a fair point.

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