Richie Hawtin will receive Honorary Doctorate

15:25 May/05/2015

Richie Hawtin, the techno stalwart famous for his forward-thinking music production and live performances, will be awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Huddersfield.

Labelled a 'cult-DJ' by the University, Hawtin was chosen for the award not only for his contribution to the electronic music scene but also his cross-cultural achievements, including a collaboration with Anish Kapoor's art structure for Monumenta in Paris.

Hawtin broke onto the Detroit techno scene in the early 90's, and while he has since gained worldwide notoriety for his ENTER. events, he has stayed trued to his underground roots with numerous albums and compilations released under his Plastikman alias.

The English-born Canadian will receive the award in July alongside seven other distinguished individuals from the media, science, enterprise and politics.

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