Calvin Harris talks to Studio Q about '18 Months' and EDM criticism

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Calvin Harris is a constant guest on headlines, be it the new album '18 Months', controversy with Lady Gaga or the most recent quarrel with BBC Newsbeat. This time around, he's done a proper interview in a chilled setting at the desk of Studio Q with Jian Ghomesi.

The half-hour interview is a great look into the development of Calvin Harris as an artist, DJ and a producer. Besides discussing the new album and reception it has gotten, Harris also talks about producing his tracks. Another question that comes up is about the year of EDM. Harris also discusses his challenges by the DJ profession and obivously the infamous Deadmau5 comments about 'button pushers'.

Jian asks Harris:"Do you see any truth in his characterization of the DJ profession?" The Scottish DJ/producer answers:"I guess so, but he's describing's like saying something, and then saying he's included. He's slating an entire genre and himself.. which is classic Deadmau5." He goes on to say it doesn't bother him that Deadmau5 said that:"It's not a big deal, the big deal is a lot of people are into that kind of music now. the festivals have gotten much much bigger. But essentially the key component has stayed the same. The profession of the DJ hasn't altered. People have tried to make it more complicated and make it look more impresive. But the end result is often worse, feels forced and looks bad, because their probably looking the computer screen most of the time.''

Seems that Harris got his views across in this interview, so disregard the interview given to BBC Newsbeat and listen to what one of the most popular DJ/producer in EDM thinks about a variety of subjects!

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