UK gets its 1st annual electronic music conference - Brighton Music Conference 2014

11:32 Apr/07/2014

UK is undoubtedly one of the epicentres of modern music. Many of the world's leading publications, record labels, venues and DJ-producers based in UK. So it is surprising there hasn't been an electronic music conference held in the epicentre of modern music ..until Brighton Music Conference.

The conference will become the first annual event of its kind in UK. Held in April 2014, between 11th-12th in Brighton, the aim is to create a common meeting ground for music industry people, DJ-producers and press.

“Over the past few years there seems to have been a disconnect around music conferences," says BMC’s Commercial Director Nicola Gunstone, "Solely focusing on the party side of things with people aimlessly trying to meet in expensive, unsociable environments. We aim to bring back the ethos of music conferences and keep all of these assets under one roof. In the current world of emails and social networking, this is one time in the year when people can meet face to face, to personalise and keep up relationships.”

Find out more about BMC 2014 on the official website.

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