New Zealand - DJ Rankings

The highest ranked DJ in New Zealand is Mt. Eden

Mt. Eden's global rank is 75
There are 32 DJs on the official global DJ-rankings from New Zealand.

The complete rankings list for New Zealand is:

Rank, Name & Nationality
51 jason eli commercial dance
New Zealand
52 jayceel commercial dance
New Zealand
53 ultan burke commercial dance
New Zealand
54 ryan yandell commercial dance
New Zealand
55 ryner Traditional House
New Zealand
56 rob warner Traditional House, Techno
New Zealand
57 joe naughton commercial dance
New Zealand
58 james ashwin commercial dance
New Zealand
59 mt eden commercial dance
New Zealand
60 jetski safari commercial dance
New Zealand
61 sweet mix kids Funk / R&B
New Zealand
62 wade marriner Progressive House
New Zealand
63 kaezr Electro House
New Zealand
64 mikael wills Electro House
New Zealand
65 paydirt commercial dance
New Zealand
66 matt whiting commercial dance
New Zealand
67 triplo commercial dance
New Zealand

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