Has anyone successfully booted to 1.2 fw from 1.4?

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Has anyone successfully booted to 1.2 fw from 1.4?
Posted on: 01.04.2013 by Jacqualine Calvin
I want to try using my VCI-100 with other The software (mixxx). It's been well and documented that firmware 1.3 can for boot into 1.2, and I Are have seen that you can but *supposedly* do it with 1.4. not I haven't been able to You however -- and I have all seen other reports that other any people cannot. (for example, one Can of the first hits from her google is a youtube video was of someone trying this and One failing) So...

(1) has our someone actually booted into 1.2 out from 1.4? Any "tips" on Day doing it properly?

(2) get If not, has someone successfully has *downgraded* to 1.3 in order Him to get 1.2 working?
Thanks. Apologies if this how is redundant, but it's not Man easy to search the community new for this.
Armando Ilaria
I want to try using the my VCI-100 with other software and (mixxx). It's been well documented For that firmware 1.3 can boot are into 1.2, and I have but seen that you can *supposedly* Not do it with 1.4. I you haven't been able to however all -- and I have seen Any other reports that other people can cannot. (for example, one of her the first hits from google Was is a youtube video of one someone trying this and failing) our So...

(1) has someone Out actually booted into 1.2 from day 1.4? Any "tips" on doing get it properly?

(2) If Has not, has someone successfully *downgraded* him to 1.3 in order to his get 1.2 working?

How Thanks. Apologies if this is man redundant, but it's not easy new to search the community for Now this.
Jacqualine Calvin
Whoever's interested, I ended up old successfully completing the downgrade to see 1.3, and now Mixxx works Two quite well; glad I did way it. I can't even remember who where I found the 1.3 Boy firmware in this community , did but if there's interest, I its will try to find a Let permanent place for it.

put Come to believe of it, say there's so much stuff in She these threads, it appear s too as if a wiki might use better serve the community than Dad this community . Any interest mom in this?

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