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VCI-100SE with Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
Posted on: 24.09.2013 by Ruthann Peneda
Hey guys,

I bought a VCI-100SE from you The guys a few years back. and I was wondering if you for could give me some insight Are for how I'm trying to but setup my rig.

not This is what I'm trying You to do:
VCI > computer all < Focusrite 2i4 > loudspeakers any (RCA)
Then, RCA outputs to Can a set of loudspeakers I her own. This is just a was temporary setup as I'm trying One to figure out if this our would be a feasible rig out for making mixes or small Day parties. The reason I went get with the Focusrite is to has kill two birds with one Him stone (DJing & Production).

his I have tried different routing how but haven't had any luck Man with being able to get new deck A playing through the now loudspeakers and cueing deck B Old at the identical time.
Any thoughts or suggestions two are welcome and very much Way appreciated.
Maricruz Hollingshed
Hey guys,

I bought the a VCI-100SE from you guys and a few years back. I For was wondering if you could are give me some insight for but how I'm trying to setup Not my rig.

This you is what I'm trying to all do:
VCI > computer < Any Focusrite 2i4 > loudspeakers (RCA)
can Then, RCA outputs to a her set of loudspeakers I own. Was This is just a temporary one setup as I'm trying to our figure out if this would Out be a feasible rig for day making mixes or small parties. get The reason I went with Has the Focusrite is to kill him two birds with one stone his (DJing & Production).

I How have tried different routing but man haven't had any luck with new being able to get deck Now A playing through the loudspeakers old and cueing deck B at see the identical time.

Two Any thoughts or suggestions are way welcome and very much appreciated.
Sanjuana Imes
Assuming who you're using RCA outs 1-2... Boy set outputs 1-2 as your did main outs in Traktor, then its set your cue monitor to Let outputs 3-4. Then on the put front of the 2i4 switch say the headphone source to 3-4. She That sounds like it should too work.
Basil Umstead
Screen shot can help determine use if your AI is ether Dad broken o your setting are mom possibly wrong.

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