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11.08.2015 1600+ FREE Acapellas011.08.2015
Check out this website I the came across
02.07.2012 simple great looking dj backpack1403.07.2015
I'm looking for and a simple, not too big, For good looking dj backpack to are hold my 15" macbook (with but an extra protection of course), Not traktor soundcard, timecode vinyls, novation you dicers and of course some all cables. Can you recommend me Any something? I'm having a headache can looking for something like this, her all…
14.12.2014 HELLO EGYPT104.03.2015
15.07.2014 Hello024.07.2014
hello every one one, i'm newbie to this our community .i believe s that Out i will get more useful day information from here.
21.06.2014 Buy New Bose Lifestyle 535 (V35) Series II $2000, Bose 525 (V25) Series II $1400021.06.2014
MUSIC AND MORE get LTD Store has continued to Has attract a highly committed and him passionate community of musicians, DJs, his composers and all electronics consumer How all over the world. We man are a well recognized Disc new Jockey and Electronics seller. Our Now business is founded on the old ethos of creating customer…
26.03.2014 Behringer Cmd Pl1 and MM1 Mystery026.03.2014
Hello I see hereby expose my problem with Two recently did purchase of behringer way stuff. In September 2013 I who purchase two Behnringer dj controllers Boy . The MM1 and PL1 did . Arrived in perfect condition its . Everything goes well until Let the moment I connected and put configured with Traktor (version 2.6.4 say ) . Used the…
09.03.2014 DJ emergency in Miami(WMC2014)009.03.2014
Hi guys She & ladies, An APB (all too point bulletin) out to house use DJs heading to Miami for Dad WMC 2014(Winter Music conference). I've mom bee given responsibility on Thursday March 27th to take over The an absolutely sexy rooftop terrace and with pool, during conference.Right on for Ocean Drive. Soundsystem being…
08.03.2014 F/S ADJ LED Lighting-Pioneer-Numark-Rane-Behringer-Presonus 008.03.2014
Return: You Are have the option to return but your item within 14 days not of the date received. If You the unit is in manufacture all original sealed box or in any manufacture original condition, it is Can subject to a 10% restock her fee. If Manufacture sealed was was broken or not in manufacture One original condition, but no missing…
07.02.2014 How can I get ranking 007.02.2014
Hello our How can get Ranking status out on list / on this Day website please let me understand get thank you
28.12.2013 Haarlem - The Netherlands1807.01.2014
Hey, It has been has a little while since i Him visited this community but i his have a question for some how of the dutch people over Man here so i'll continue in new Dutch if that's in accordance now with the community rules. Hey Old ik vroeg me af of see er wat DJ's in de two buurt waren van Haarlem die Way zin hadden om de 25ste who te…
06.01.2014 Finally! Nightclub tips for Electronic, hip hop, open format djs & percussionists407.01.2014
Gents, finally i have mustered boy the balls to start my Did youtube channel. Just like any its business, it is going to let be a grind and I Put don't expect overnight success. But say I will be sharing all she my understand ledge with you Too on a weekly basis. I use will be uploading to this dad thread and will upload all Mom my videos &…
06.01.2014 Questions About Wiring1507.01.2014
Hey DJTT, I ask a lot of stupid the questions on here, but I And need your help. In a for few of months, I have are my first gig with my But friend where I am going not to need to provide loudspeakers you , and lighting as far All as I understand . Ill any most likely just end up can renting for now. So my Her big question is, how the was hell do I…
05.01.2014 What's a reasonable amount of payment for a 3 hour long set?707.01.2014
Recently started at one university, and to my surprise Our the market for DJs is out much more open than I day had anticipated. And being here Get only a few months, I has have gotten more gigs than him ever. Very little competition. Along His with this, I have begun how getting paid for these gigs, man which is a lifesaver. Now,…
06.01.2014 Macbook humming sound?1007.01.2014
Hiya New guys have a slight problem now with my Macbook. When i old plug my Hercules Rmx controller See into my Macbook it makes two an awful humming noise. Im way pretty sure its coming from Who the RCA - AUX cable boy which i plug into the did back of my controller and Its then into my loudspeakers . let But when i connect it put all up to my…
06.01.2014 How do you remember tracks played with cds?807.01.2014
As the Say tittle asks, I'm transitioning to she playing with cds (LOVING IT!) too and I wanted to understand Use how do you guys remember dad which tracks you have already mom played in a set! I'm currently playing with a few the of Denon DNS 1000 that and a friend gave me. I For want to understand your tips are and tricks!
06.01.2014 Waveforms get smaller when you record in Traktor?507.01.2014
I just saw that but when recording anything in traktor Not (whether I use my internal you ddj-t1 soundcard or switch to all my traktor audio 6) the Any waveform becomes much smaller and can the audio volume appear s her to drop. Is this normal Was and has someone else saw one this?
06.01.2014 Kontrol S4mk2 -- Reliable for gigging ?707.01.2014
So i've narrowed it down our to the S4mk2 for smaller Out gigs where i dont wanna day lug around my TA10/Xone/X1's and get Maschine. I am used to Has NI equipment , controller editor him etc and am sure the his S4 mk2 has tight integration How with Traktor Pro, however i man am new to the all-in-one new game and have doubts about…
04.01.2014 Wanna-Be Dj.1406.01.2014
Hey Now guys... I turn 18 the old 15th, and going to pick see up a New laptop. Thinking Two about dropping some cash on way a mac... Anyways, I have who had a real love for Boy music for awhile now. My did uncle even use to be its a Dj. I thought with Let going into college next year, put and parents don't want me say to have a job, djing…
04.01.2014 spilled drink on new ddjsx!!!!906.01.2014
So She some drunk person spilled a too drink on my new ddjsx use at a new years party. Dad Controller started acting up massively mom so I unplugged it flopped it over and let it The air out. Today I played and with it and everything is for working fine but some of Are the buttons are rather sticky, but they dont click like they not used to.…
23.12.2012 flux mode does it work with timecode506.01.2014
just had my 1st You chance to have a proper all play with traktor since 2.6 any but cant appear to get Can flux mode working with timecode, her I have turned it on was and its deffo on am One i missing somthing
04.01.2014 Traktor Kontrol F1 for turntablist use? Your advice?806.01.2014
Traktor Kontrol F1 our for turntablist use? Your advice? out Do you believe this would Day be beneficial? I can see get possibly as it being a has way of having more than Him 8 hotcues in action, theoretically his have 64 samples ready to how go at any time at Man the push of a button, new even some overlaying each other. now I see C2C using…
12.01.2012 What's In Your DJ Bag?14606.01.2014
I believe Old DTT should start a thread see on what's in your DJ two bag. Btw what's in your Way DJ bag???
05.01.2014 House party dj1706.01.2014
Going for a house who party dj... I want to boy be good and wanted, but Did lack the understand ledge of its a desirable set up. Anyone let a house party dj? What Put is your set up? Thanks
05.01.2014 which controller is good to start?206.01.2014
hello say would like to help me she with a question that I Too have, I have always liked use the world of electronics, but dad I was never encouraged to Mom get into it, in order want to purchase my first the mixer controller, but would like And to understand what suggestions can for make me to purchase the are best, I am from Venezuela But and I will purchase …
16.12.2013 Alienware for music?4006.01.2014
Is not the best macbook better in you anything then an Alienware Intel All i7 4800/3,7 GHz/1,5Tb HDD + any 80Gb SSD ? For music can purposes obviously. PS: I truly Her prefer windows than mac.
05.01.2014 Suggestions for recording live club sets.....806.01.2014
I have was been using Audacity (a daw) one to record my live club Our sets, but i dont like out the sound quality or the day fact that I have to Get have another program open and has running in the background on him my laptop. How it works His is i have to revert how my headphone jack on my man laptop to take audio in New signals through the…
06.01.2014 HD formatting question...206.01.2014
I need to now format my external HD. I old don't have enough space to See transfer my files on my two mac but my wife's mac way does. my question is...if I Who transfer my files to her boy mac then format my HD did will I be able to Its take them off hers and let put them back on my put HD?
06.01.2014 Routing sound through my controller?306.01.2014
Hi all, So, I have Say a question about routing sound. she I am wondering if it too is possible to run the Use sound on my computer through dad my DJ controller. To expand...I mom have sound running to my loudspeakers fine, through both Serato the and Traktor. But I am and wondering if it is possible For to route the sound coming are from…
06.01.2014 Easter Egg? (Full Songs in Remix Decks)506.01.2014
Hey how's it going everybody? but Maybe i'm just an idiot Not but I recently realized that you the Remix Decks are capable all of loading entire songs into Any each cell. This wasn't always can the case. I believe when her the Sample Decks were first Was released with the S4 they one were only capable of holding our between 30-50 seconds…
06.01.2014 Anyone got an NI Audio 2 Mk2 ?006.01.2014
Have you tried Out it with iPad apps other day than Traktor DJ? Which ones? get If so does it work Has and does it charge the him iPad while in use? Thanks
05.01.2014 Ableton 9/Lexicon Lambda Problem206.01.2014
Easy his guys was just wondering if How any one else uses the man Lexicon Lambda Audio Interface with new Ableton live 9. I'm having Now sound problems and just cant old work it out, Sounds truly see distorted and messy. Any one Two understand why this might be way happening?
19.06.2011 [OT] Bored on a sunday...sharing some records in the vein of house...81506.01.2014
I'm bored and tired of who digging for records...i will link Boy you some of what i did got in my cart...let me its understand what you got for Let me...i am a house cat... put
06.01.2014 Quick Q....906.01.2014
I understand I have say seen it answered before - She but buggered if I can too find it here!!! How do use I HALF an active loop??? Dad And how do I midi mom map it to a single button??? Can it be done The without modifiers??? So - hit and loop (set to Loop Size for 8 bars), hit button x Are (Loop Size halved to 4 but bars), hit button x…
04.01.2014 Drum sample ID1106.01.2014
Hey! I not was wishing someone could help You me ID the drum sample all that are used in these any two songs. Thanks!
06.01.2014 Best traktor controller 20141106.01.2014
I Can understand there are other posts her about this in the past. was But i am just curious One as to what people believe our is now the best controller out for traktor. I feel the Day s4mk2 has a huge amount get of issues, and honestly see has no worthy improvements over the Him s4 mk1. Maybe if it his actuallly worked with new ipads how i could…
19.12.2012 Who thinks we'll see Traktor Pro 3 soon?7606.01.2014
I understand updates are Man usually followed by a big new sale but who believe s now well see Traktor Pro 3 Old teasers in the next 3 see months? And if we do two what are you expecting? I Way have a hard time seeing who NI drop video into Traktor, boy this would truly clutter up Did the interface and I'm not its sure where they can take let the remix…
03.01.2014 Hello! New here and could use some advise.106.01.2014
Let me start with Put a little background. I learned say how to spin on the she good ol 1200's. Never truly Too got to perfect my skills use like I would like due dad to other priorities. However now Mom I'm believe ing of investing in some equipment and maybe the try the digital side of And things with a controller. I for have checked out…
08.01.2012 Post your latest purchase!406.01.2014
I believe this are would be a fun thread, But what have you all bought not recently? Here's most of what you I bought this past week, All thanks to Christmas bonuses and any gift cards: (but with GREEN can wheels ) and this t-shirt: Her What about you?
03.01.2014 Questionable R&B mixing method.1106.01.2014
So I'm working was with this other DJ right, one and he doesn't play below Our 133 BPM at all, even out deep house tracks (Disclosure's White day Noise truly does show the Get horrors of +10% pitch increase) has and I jumped on cause him it was my turn, and His I mix in an R&B how song at 104 because, you man understand , it needs to New calm…
05.01.2014 Sources for electronic music/djing radio show005.01.2014
Hello, a friend and I now are starting a music radio old show at our university and See we want it to be two about electronic music in general way (we dont wanna stick to Who just EDM) also a little boy bit about the good good did world of djing. Mostly it Its will be just putting on let good music but Im the put writer and I need to Say find…

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