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On Monday the 30th March it is Rudeejay's birthday.
Come back and celebrate his birthday online.
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  1. BEN GOLD just said:
    Мистер Зейн,ну нельзя быть таким шикарным,ну нельзя!!!
  2. JOHN ASKEW just said:
    RT DigitalSociety_: .AstrixOfficial Sipatterson SeanTyas djjohnaskew AlexDiStefano #OpenUpUK – Tickets: http:…
  3. JOHN ASKEW just said: RT NikeshKooverjee: Hey djjohnaskew This Indie Shop Is Producing A Line Of 'Brand New’ 1956 Ford Trucks
  4. JOHN ASKEW just said: mariapagis JeremyClarkson awesome.
  5. BEN GOLD just said:
    Конгрессмен: Обама хочет продлить санкции против России
  6. TYDI just said: Raging in Miami!!!!!! ❤️️
  7. TINI just said: Just had a little phone chat with GeorgeFM ahead of this weekend’s NZ shows. Thanks for the fun questions smile
  8. TYDI just said: soypenguin_ next time grab me and hug me !!!! ❤️️
  9. TYDI just said: RT soypenguin_: Just saw tydi walk past me on ocean dr and didn’t have the balls to actually walk up to him for a picture
  10. TYDI just said: RT ssteffieeee: tyDi on a roof. I ain’t mad

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