Location:Reims, France
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yuksek is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in France

yuksek is performing within the field of Electronica music and is ranked 767 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Destructo 1 hour ago:
NYC @SnoopDogg & @BustaRhymes 💥
Destructo 4 hours ago:
Shots to the Dome ::: https://t.co/ekCE7lISsA @gerrygonzamusic
Destructo 7 hours ago:
My reaction when I realize tomorrow is #NewMusicFriday… You guys ready? 🔫 #ShotsToTheDome 🔫 https://t.co/OlGiD8uRTi
Destructo 9 hours ago:
@liquidtodd @SIRIUSXM @sxmElectro @OutputClubBK @livestyle @PromoOnlyInc @gerrygonzamusic #Shots
Destructo 9 hours ago:
RT @liquidtodd: Tonight I’ll have the legend DJ Destructo in the studio playing his new tunes - including a brand-new, unreleased track - o…
Destructo 10 hours ago:
RT @Mixmag: The don @DestructoHARD gives us the low down on that BIG change. https://t.co/WUsrvuRCXl
Destructo 10 hours ago:
Let’s Be Friends…. My tour kicks off tomorrow at @OutputClubBK, who’s coming? #LetsBeFriendsTour #Brooklyn For Tick… https://t.co/wFrjt6NxpW
Destructo 12 hours ago:
Love this guy @codyslays https://t.co/xbT2hjLCjV
Destructo 14 hours ago:
@LordanJewis tomorrow. shots to the dome
Destructo 14 hours ago:
RT @Mixmag: Right now - @DestructoHARD is LIVE on our #OnRotation Podcast. "In the past, it was just a big party. Now it's about the messa…
Destructo 1 day ago:
Get $$$$ I am I am @yogottikom #Loaded https://t.co/KOxlgkAEGN
Destructo 1 day ago:
@KingChrystopher i will be there
Destructo 1 day ago:
#Bassface; never leave home without it. Tweet me with your best #DestructoBassface & get excited for more new musi… https://t.co/aA16boWChA
Destructo 1 day ago:
RT @UNIUNnightclub: The Let’s Be Friends Tour takes over #FactoryFridays next week with @DestructoHARD @habstrakt and @DillonNathaniel. Tim…
Destructo 2 days ago:
@Jauzofficial soda water
Destructo 2 days ago:
RT @dancingastro: 🚨GIVEAWAY ALERT🚨: We have the hookups for a pair of passes to see @DestructoHARD at @OutputClubBK this weekend https://t.…
Destructo 2 days ago:
Friendship is the best collab. #LetsBeFriendsTour kicks off this Friday. Who’s got tickets?… https://t.co/qb6g4fGHrT
Destructo 2 days ago:
RT @habstrakt: NY / Chicago this weekend with @DestructoHARD and friends !!! Super excited to play all this new musica https://t.co/Ju3G0hc…
Destructo 3 days ago:
Destructo 3 days ago:
@abbyote Xo

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