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DELTΔ HEΔVY 10 hours ago:
Manchester - you're in our thoughts 💕
DELTΔ HEΔVY 1 day ago:
RT @Kry_Wolf: Register to vote people's... last day you can do it https://t.co/twtRWssAVm
DELTΔ HEΔVY 2 days ago:
Hyped for @DreamsFest on July 7th - tickets here: https://t.co/m0IRlLeuTm 🇨🇦 https://t.co/tYEFcQonYo
DELTΔ HEΔVY 3 days ago:
#ParadiseLostRadio playlist updated in time for the weekend - with @skrillex @habstrakt @odesza @loudpvck & more...… https://t.co/2HYS16JneK
DELTΔ HEΔVY 4 days ago:
@woolimusic ooh send!
DELTΔ HEΔVY 5 days ago:
@NickThayer it was actually one of the options lol. Those always make me laugh it's like a guideline for DJs to yell the same thing on top
DELTΔ HEΔVY 5 days ago:
You are not a bass music producer unless you've spent an entire week hunting for the perfect predrop vocal sample
DELTΔ HEΔVY 5 days ago:
Great vibes at @monstercat #Uncaged in Rotterdam, thanks to everyone who came and streamed online! https://t.co/8u3JpacVHs
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
THANK THE LORD 🙏🙏🙏🙏 https://t.co/QfiSOoyKIo
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
Yooo @bassrush LA this is going to be insaneeee 💣 https://t.co/1Jmgtwn2a5
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
RT @bassrush: 2 NIGHTS. 2 SHOWS. 1 TICKET. Pre-sales go live on Tuesday, May 23 at Noon PT! https://t.co/Mz9UgYSK8q
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
@DavidVazzG 🙏
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
Same https://t.co/R3BLNzSYcn
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
💀💀💀 https://t.co/VUy2Tzqa0a
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
Full lineup for our @fabriclondon show! Tickets: https://t.co/gZqkwsh0y3 https://t.co/lA6zC25Glz
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
RT @welovegrind: Stoked to announce that @DeltaHeavyUK will be headlining the next Grind at @KlubiHollywood Event: https://t.co/86HnCTeFsm
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
@DjTeeBee yeah I thought the same
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
@DjTeeBee I sold my Culture Vulture when I got the UAD one (that's just me tho, I got rid of most of my other hardware too ☹️)
DELTΔ HEΔVY 6 days ago:
@DjTeeBee look forward to the results!
DELTΔ HEΔVY 7 days ago:
RT @BBCR1MusicBot: Now Playing Hans Zimmer, Delta Heavy - S.T.A.Y (Delta Heavy Remix) @realhanszimmer, @deltaheavyuk https://t.co/jjHce6yN69

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