Genre:Electro House
    Location:Melbourne, Australia
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scndl is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

scndl is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 224 on the official DJ rankings list (

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SCNDL 3 weeks ago:
@WillSparks How much for sexy time
SCNDL 2 months ago:
New music out now 👌🏼🔥 #138 FULL TUNE -> 🙌🏽
SCNDL 3 months ago:
RT @djarousofficial: @tiesto dropping @WeAreSCNDL & @ReeceLow1 sprungkraft last night in Chicago representing some Aussie bounce finally! H…
SCNDL 5 months ago:
@DECKHEAD We on at 1 baby cakes
SCNDL 6 months ago:
@timmytrumpet Bleed 2.0?
SCNDL 6 months ago:
@MAKJ 👁🍩🥕all
SCNDL 7 months ago:
RT @2Dutch: WOW! 'Baked Not Fried' by @WeAreSCNDL has been added to 'Hardstyle Baby' on @Spotify !!
SCNDL 7 months ago:
@WRECKVGE @2Dutch bangin remix lads
SCNDL 7 months ago:
Big love to @Spotify for adding our new single ‘Blindside’ to the New Music Friday playlist!
SCNDL 8 months ago:
@___madtwatter we're trying to figure why as well 🤔
SCNDL 9 months ago:
RT @Armada: This is @WeAreSCNDL pumpin' their track Find My Way!
SCNDL 9 months ago:
@djtrifo yeahhhhh m8
SCNDL 9 months ago:
RT @Armada: Who's up for some 'Find My Way' remixes? @WeAreSCNDL
SCNDL 10 months ago:
RT @Armada: OUT NOW: @WeAreSCNDL - Find My Way (Remixes) with a nice one from @TomBudinMusic!…
SCNDL 10 months ago:
RT @Hardwellonair: #np @Hardwellonair #HOA2016 @Sia @duttypaul @wearescndl - Cheap Thrills vs. Wave Your Hands @HARDWELL MashUp ► https://t…
SCNDL 10 months ago:
RT @Armada: Groovin'on this track by @WeAreSCNDL - Find My Way #WeArmada
SCNDL 10 months ago:
RT @iamnikcooper: Best of 2016 mix also features @Deorro @WeAreSCNDL @ROBandJACK @BaliBandits @GARMIANI_ @jakkomusic @ftampa & more.. https…
SCNDL 10 months ago:
RT @Armada: Find My Way is going strong @wearescndl! #SCNDL
SCNDL 10 months ago:
@PaulBrandoli @Apple how awesome is it! Def my fav new feature, on calls the freezing is amazing 😍🙌🏽
SCNDL 10 months ago:
@zova_edm thanks so much 😁 we have been trying so many different things in the studio lately! Excited to share it all

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