Genre:Electro House
    Location:Melbourne, Australia
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scndl is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

scndl is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 223 on the official DJ rankings list (

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SCNDL 2 days ago:
@bass_stud Thank you brother 👊🏽❤️
SCNDL 1 week ago:
@bass_stud Sad day for us mate, I think life has different paths for everyone and as a team we felt that the music…
SCNDL 2 weeks ago:
A very sad day... But the beginning of a new chapter x
SCNDL 2 months ago:
RT @djflash: @wearescndl this Saturday at @platinumnightclub 🔥🔥
SCNDL 3 months ago:
This is literally the sickest! If you do anything with your day watch this amazingly talented legend rip it up!
SCNDL 3 months ago:
To all the weed that I’ve smoked, yo this blunts for u, to all the people I’ve offended f#ck you too 🐐🐐🐐 #undisputed
SCNDL 3 months ago:
Today really reminded me that you can create some of the most beautiful music from some of the most sad memories
SCNDL 4 months ago:
RT @bennicky: Smash it up 🌞
SCNDL 4 months ago:
RT @bennicky: Thank you guys. My first ever track on my brand new record label, Number 1 in Hard Chart and Top 25 on iTunes dance charts ac…
SCNDL 4 months ago:
RT @HaydenCrozier17: Good luck to the @Socceroos! Huge game. Go well lads! 🔥
SCNDL 4 months ago:
RT @orozcoj92: @bennicky X @WeAreSCNDL Favorite track right now!! 🔥🔥
SCNDL 4 months ago:
RT @ImNIALLlover: Absolute tune 👌😍 this will be on repeat ! @bennicky ♥️ #hotplate
SCNDL 4 months ago:
RT @Merviiiinn: Mad track🔥🔥 @bennicky @WeAreSCNDL
SCNDL 4 months ago:
@timmytrumpet Happy birthday homie 🎂🎂
SCNDL 4 months ago:
“The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your hear…
SCNDL 5 months ago:
Random thought shout out to all the lighting techs... having a solid person on lights is like having a dance floor…
SCNDL 5 months ago:
RT @henryfong: Booyah is the best bigroom song ever made, don’t @ me
SCNDL 5 months ago:
Another one... 😏 KAALI 🔥 out now -
SCNDL 6 months ago:
Our brand new bootleg of “The Middle” by @Zedd is up now for FREE download - We hope you l…
SCNDL 6 months ago:
RT @weraveyou: The Netherlands honour @Avicii in a most unique way🙏 #avicii

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