Genre:Hard Dance
    Location:Hoogstraten, Belgium
10141 official




pat b is a DJ from Belgium

pat b is performing within the field of Hard Dance music and is ranked 10141 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Pat B 😜👍 14 hours ago:
Wow nice stage!!
Pat B 😜👍 15 hours ago:
Ben & Jerry's cookie dough & peanutbutter 🤮
Pat B 😜👍 17 hours ago:
Pussy Lounge Winter edition 2016 with @DrRudeNL #tbt #throwbackthursday
Pat B 😜👍 2 days ago:
This weekend i'm back hosting a stage at Dance Boulevard in Bergen op Zoom! 💥 With dj's like: @djmisspuss…
Pat B 😜👍 2 days ago:
This track i’m working on is so much fun!! 😋👍 In the track a dark voice is telling about the jungle and I edited al…
Pat B 😜👍 3 days ago:
My computer just crashed 💩 Maybe it wasn't the best idea to use Photoshop, Cubase & Final cut all at the same time…
Pat B 😜👍 3 days ago:
Kinda cool! 😁 My edit from the DJ Eden Hazard movie received 12k likes, 6k comments, 13k shares and 1.4m views on f…
Pat B 😜👍 3 days ago:
Snap recap from last weekend at @HypeODream1 #hypeodream
Pat B 😜👍 4 days ago:
@elephant_hero Wow! Reading this is just awesome. I remember you tweeting a while ago and now you’ve actually witne…
Pat B 😜👍 4 days ago:
RT @elephant_hero: Still in shock that I got to see @djpatb live. After listen to him for so long. Crazy cuz I used to think he would just…
Pat B 😜👍 4 days ago:
@djmaniNL Hahahaha. Fuckin vet!!!
Pat B 😜👍 5 days ago:
@djmaniNL You bring it for good luck???
Pat B 😜👍 5 days ago:
My vote for the @DJmag Top 100 😅 #djmagtop100 #djmag #worldcup #fifa #russia #fracecro #engbel #fifaworldcup…
Pat B 😜👍 5 days ago:
Belgium 🇧🇪 Third in the World Cup but number 1 in partying 🎉 #worldcup #fifa #russia #fracecro #engbel…
Pat B 😜👍 6 days ago:
My new track is out now! ---->>> "Pat B - My greatest wish" SOUNDCLOUD 😛 SPOTIFY 😘…
Pat B 😜👍 7 days ago:
The Weekend has arrived! Saturday afternoon i'm playing at HYPE-O-DREAM and at night at Highstreet!
Pat B 😜👍 7 days ago:
RT @DjUnsenses: Pat Senses Live 😛 @djpatb
Pat B 😜👍 7 days ago:
My playlist on #Spotify = BOOMING💥 Join to get updated every week! Including: @DjZany…
Pat B 😜👍 1 week ago:
@yfe_dm Ja hij is ondertussen ook alweer uitgebreid met nieuwe!
Pat B 😜👍 1 week ago:
@wom83 Hahaha ken het!! #anderetijden

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