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opiuo has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

opiuo is performing within the field of Electronica music and is ranked 1002 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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HXV 19 hours ago:
RT @JamilSmith: Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam veteran, stood dignified and unbowed in the literal face of white aggression. As expected. The M…
HXV 21 hours ago:
RT @_Sneel: Gucci: Susie is a money maker Me: BUT THAT BITCH A LIARRRRR https://t.co/te0MLtEz8d
HXV 22 hours ago:
@AaliyahNevaeh7 My stomach dropped watching this
HXV 22 hours ago:
We are overdue for another plague. https://t.co/08qJgMEsP9
HXV 22 hours ago:
Dark techno for your soul https://t.co/6xiSevc2eH
HXV 1 day ago:
@linalovesit I read this in pretty boy swag voice
HXV 2 days ago:
@SushiCeej Bruh what 💔😢
HXV 2 days ago:
@Bo_Me_Yooo You’re a piece of art with or without tattoos
HXV 2 days ago:
When the beat switches on Future Baptiize https://t.co/7wXbY4slWa
HXV 2 days ago:
Rice street Danny
HXV 2 days ago:
Y’all better respect young Draco Soulja is legend https://t.co/GfQNfK0QUu
HXV 2 days ago:
@dannyunited @LilEmpireMusic Good move 💪
HXV 3 days ago:
@svqqa @ilovitessex Geoff is from Portishead. Great film, fantastic score.
HXV 4 days ago:
RT @jtylerconway: The way Soulja Boy said “DRAAAAAAAAAKE??!?? DRAKE???” gonna be a forever meme 😂😂 https://t.co/a5bwCalDzu
HXV 5 days ago:
@SonyPictures This shot of mysterio got me so hype https://t.co/EwfU25tn38
HXV 5 days ago:
RT @fakeshoredrive: Guwop did it better https://t.co/YAYJpI8zUS
HXV 5 days ago:
RT @TheDweck: This is the news photo that would make a returning time traveler realize they fucked something up https://t.co/DwKe35Uicm
HXV 6 days ago:
@NanoDoez_it Unfortunately we are in the minority https://t.co/qUFze96xl7
HXV 6 days ago:
@Threetall Nah man 56 is the underdog of future releases for some reason. Ppl even rate monster over it, couldn’t be me.
HXV 6 days ago:
Unpopular Opinion: 56 Nights > Dirty Sprite 2

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