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opiuo has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

opiuo is performing within the field of Electronica music and is ranked 1003 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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HXV 1 hour ago:
the good news is, nothing is permanent the bad news is, nothing is permanent
HXV 2 hours ago:
Me everyday watching them folks in DC fuck everyone over https://t.co/ccHkwZYFxy
HXV 2 hours ago:
the close up on P has me dying 😭😭😭😭 @stevozone4 https://t.co/B9BwuuKGKN
HXV 8 hours ago:
ATL this Saturday for @irispresents the last two times we sold it out lets go for round 3! Lots of new music https://t.co/Fj1tblKUDT
HXV 9 hours ago:
RIP to the game @mayhemSLR back to unleashing those crazy multi layered midranges in tracks everyone with serum patches about to quit
HXV 9 hours ago:
RT @brothelmusic: couple more weeks away and I'm back with my boys @WE_ARE_HXV @ESSEXVISUAL @Resonata_ lets get it 😈 https://t.co/1hd57MUBk0
HXV 10 hours ago:
RT @vulture: Vince Staples’s #BigFishTheory is hopeful, DJ Khaled’s #Grateful is hopeless. @CraigSJ reviews the two new albums https://t.co…
HXV 15 hours ago:
RT @arifishbein: I've never seen a one sentence headline contradict itself https://t.co/7azJBGXeOR
HXV 16 hours ago:
@syzygyxmusic Hey bro! Been keeping up with you on IG new music sounds great
HXV 1 day ago:
And Joe was actin extra on the red carpet like he wants that smoke 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/Aj1UfZDqWa
HXV 1 day ago:
Anonymous https://t.co/F74UPmd33T
HXV 1 day ago:
RT @tweetlauf: You can't tell me Migos squaring up to Joe Budden don't look like Prince's crew on Chappelle Show https://t.co/VnahqBeyJz
HXV 1 day ago:
Joe nor anyone else want no smoke w Migos https://t.co/JtMf7X4JwE
HXV 1 day ago:
@ataraxia_black LOL delete this
HXV 2 days ago:
Anonymous https://t.co/4I4Dqmfbdo
HXV 2 days ago:
@Brodinski @adidas @YohjiYamamoto Legendary
HXV 3 days ago:
@djacslater @Electric_Forest Proud of u this is what sticking to yr guns and building ur tribe looks like - organic growth no gimmicks
HXV 3 days ago:
family don't matter confirmed top 5 thug songs
HXV 3 days ago:
i came i saw i dissociated
HXV 3 days ago:
RT @jimmyedgar: Vince Staples "745" (Produced by me) ☺️ https://t.co/Uicivlp5xB

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