Genre:Drum & Bass, Dubstep
    Location:Groningen, Netherlands
894 official




noisia is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in Netherlands

noisia is performing within the field of Drum & Bass, Dubstep music and is ranked 894 on the official DJ rankings list (

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NOISIΛ 9 hours ago:
We are back in London this Friday doing a beats set! With the homies @IvyLab_ and @_TSURUDA_
NOISIΛ 16 hours ago:
RT @NEONLIGHTmusic: Today: Groningen, Netherlands - Apr 26 at Noisia Invites @ De Oost...
NOISIΛ 17 hours ago:
RT @ThysNoisia: Studio sesh with @martinmefjus and @Halogenix today - noisia invites with @CamoKrooked and @NEONLIGHTmusic tonight!!
NOISIΛ 1 day ago:
RT @patsanchez__: @WhatSoNot always throwing down the dopest bass sets. @Noisia_nl remix to close Coachella ☠️
NOISIΛ 2 days ago:
Hometown show with @CamoKrooked @martinmefjus @IvyLab_ and @NEONLIGHTmusic tomorrow! #Groningen #Koningsnacht…
NOISIΛ 2 days ago:
RT @TheMusicEss: .@Noisia_nl have given us some intriguing tunes over the years. Relive how their sound has evolved down the years: https:/…
NOISIΛ 4 days ago:
RT @ThysNoisia: A sine wave is the same thing as a circle, but it can't go back because time is a one way street
NOISIΛ 5 days ago:
RT @shitlondon: Pound shop gold. The instructions are the greatest thing I've ever read.
NOISIΛ 5 days ago:
@WeAreRampage We've got a way better one coming up. Not this one, and not the April 1st one.
NOISIΛ 6 days ago:
A peak into our preparations for the 'Outer Edges' AV show in London last week: Thanks @HospitalityDNB 🙏
NOISIΛ 6 days ago:
#NoisiaRadio S03E16 is online! Featuring new music by @agressor_bunx @hybrisdnb @AmonTobinHQ and many more..
NOISIΛ 6 days ago:
RT @_TSURUDA_: @wtfischee @ThysNoisia if i was in groningen we'd be playing fifa
NOISIΛ 6 days ago:
RT @DivisionRecs: Read all about the guys behind @SignsHQ; past, present, future on @UKF
NOISIΛ 7 days ago:
RT @GravitasCreate: Insightful article on how @Noisia_nl syncs up their video and light show - via @Resolume https:…
NOISIΛ 7 days ago:
RT @wtfischee: BIG shout to the dudes @Noisia_nl for their ongoing support on Noisia Radio! 🙏
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
RT @noertheboy: yoo so this came out yesterday 👀
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
RT @ThysNoisia: If you like it slightly filthy and glitchy (ref @eprombeats and @MOODYGOOD) - you should try @noertheboy @wtfischee and @fo…
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
@hybrisdnb @EmperorDNB Haha brilliant, but just bypass all insert fx!
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
RT @2020_ldn: @Noisia_nl are playing a beats set next week in London. Info >
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
RT @NESTHQ: .@theupbeats bend dimensions in their remix of @Noisia_nl's "Collide"

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