Genre:Drum & Bass, Dubstep
    Location:Groningen, Netherlands
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noisia is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

noisia is performing within the field of Drum & Bass, Dubstep music and is ranked 894 on the official DJ rankings list (

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NOISIΛ 13 hours ago:
Watch the full tour of our studios
NOISIΛ 18 hours ago:
Noisia Radio this week: HELI AGGRESSION! A meditative symphony by @TIMCURRENTVALUE. New music by QZB, @wtfischee, S…
NOISIΛ 24 hours ago:
Listen to our weekly selection of DnB at Spotify. With new @wtfischee @TIMCURRENTVALUE @EmperorDNB &many more!
NOISIΛ 1 day ago:
RT @billboarddance: Tour @Noisia_nl's new, state-of-the-art studio in new exclusive video.
NOISIΛ 2 days ago:
*Noisia Studio Tour* in this video we talk about the studios and some of the hardware and software we use. We also…
NOISIΛ 5 days ago:
RT @ThysNoisia: It took a while, but our webstore finally accepts Bitcoin payment 🤓 $BTC
NOISIΛ 5 days ago:
RT @ThysNoisia: Can we please make labels clickable in @Spotify ? Would be so much easier to discover music if we could click on the label…
NOISIΛ 5 days ago:
RT @LoBounce: Future music with future money. @wtfischee @DivisionRecs
NOISIΛ 6 days ago:
Wat een line-up voor We Are Electric 🤤
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
S03E49 is online, featuring new @wtfischee and @TIMCURRENTVALUE music, alongside @1991_Music @theupbeats…
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
Thanks voters!! 🐙🦑
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
RT @InvisibleRecs: Hitting you with that new @TIMCURRENTVALUE 🌖 First single taken off his forthcoming album 'Deadly Toys' 💥 Stream / Down…
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
This second episode is about our lighting director Manuel Rodrigues. He created custom software to get the lights 1…
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
@noertheboy Even when it grows slow it grows outta control
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
RT @_TSURUDA_: truly an amazing EP. RIP all my favorite dubs tho :(
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
This EP! 😱💣
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
RT @thehuxleyanne: this album is one to look forward to. i can't stop playing it, @wtfischee done wellllllll
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
Follow our Noisia Radio playlist for the newest tracks from our radio show. Just updated with stuff from…
NOISIΛ 2 weeks ago:
@DIRTYPHONICS @DjDieselboy @Mat_Zo Kids still do that :)
NOISIΛ 2 weeks ago:
@roosmarijn @aafkeromeijn Gatverdamme wat verschrikkelijk naar

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