Genre:Drum & Bass, Dubstep
    Location:Groningen, Netherlands
894 official




noisia is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

noisia is performing within the field of Drum & Bass, Dubstep music and is ranked 894 on the official DJ rankings list (

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NOISIΛ 3 hours ago:
@wtfischee Looks like that might change though. You'll look back on this. You should save this tweet for later to remind you :)
NOISIΛ 3 hours ago:
This is very true, and the words work really well too :)
NOISIΛ 4 hours ago:
@RichardDevine Ordered it. #Impulsebuy
NOISIΛ 5 hours ago:
And this is the @Mat_Zo / mrsa we ended up signing 💯😱
NOISIΛ 5 hours ago:
Not always easy for us to be looked up to, can be awkward because we're also just 3 dudes. But inspiring others mak…
NOISIΛ 8 hours ago:
@Jon_Hopkins_ It was very nice indeed. Absolute pleasure to meet you too, let's keep in touch! 📩
NOISIΛ 8 hours ago:
@junemillermusic @Fre4knc @DjTeeBee @JackSpectraSoul @FuntCaseUK Too early to tell maybe. They moved too soon. High…
NOISIΛ 10 hours ago:
RT @Tom_Rockwell: @Noisia_nl @SoundCloud mad thing is you pay to provide content to the platform, then they resell that content as soundclo…
NOISIΛ 10 hours ago:
RT @ThysNoisia: Many personal highlights but playing AFX, Radiohead & Tame Impala to 40.000 ppl (they said) is actually a career highlight!…
NOISIΛ 11 hours ago:
@Fre4knc @DjTeeBee @JackSpectraSoul @FuntCaseUK Van dijk, de vrij, ake, it looks like after years of misery we migh…
NOISIΛ 13 hours ago:
Hey @SoundCloud maybe you should consider not playing annoying ads to your content providers that pay for "pro accounts". Would be nice... 🤓
NOISIΛ 13 hours ago:
@WilkinsonUK I heard your voice many times just outside our tents back at Silver Hayes. Funny we never even saw each other :)
NOISIΛ 14 hours ago:
RT @ThysNoisia: 5 days of Glastonbury filled my brain with joy and peace. I've had a beautiful time. 🙏🏻 (Now lots of laundry & emails to…
NOISIΛ 2 days ago:
@TaxmanPlayaz @TeddyKillerz We got you though!
NOISIΛ 2 days ago:
@DjTeeBee @TeddyKillerz @FuntCaseUK Agreed 💯
NOISIΛ 3 days ago:
Noisia Radio S03E25! With our 'Outer Edges' remix of Dead Limit and new music from @InvisibleRecs and @Halogenix
NOISIΛ 4 days ago:
RT @ThysNoisia: DJ before me is playing great silly jumpup & crowd loving it.. Might go jumpup here & do the unusual set at Arcadia Saturda…
NOISIΛ 4 days ago:
RT @ThysNoisia: Dear people of @GlastoFest, I think I wanna play a more unusual set with you tonight at the Temple, it feels appropriate. A…
NOISIΛ 4 days ago:
Playing The Temple at @GlastoFest tonight! On Saturday we perform the 'Outer Edges' show on Sonic + a DJ set on Arc…
NOISIΛ 5 days ago:
Dead Limit Moshpit :O @WAEfestival #outeredges

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