Genre:Drum & Bass, Dubstep
    Location:Auckland, 00, New Zealand
76 official

New Zealand



mt. eden is recognized with a solid position in the DJ community

mt. eden is performing within the field of Drum & Bass, Dubstep music and is ranked 76 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Basto 8 months ago:
RT @CometBlueMusic: Are you coming to the Mic to Monitor Amsterdam 2016 event? #guestspeaker #abbeyroadinstitute #amsterdam #mictomonitor #…
Basto 9 months ago:
RT @ralphmarston: Be more, do more, give more than ever in your own unique way. And no matter what happens, your life will be far better fo…
Basto 10 months ago:
You're imaginary-frienddamn right!! @rickygervais
Basto 12 months ago:
@Ozenkiller77 👍
Basto 1 year ago:
RT @hughlaurie: Best of three?
Basto 1 year ago:
RT @hughlaurie: First hairline crack in the plasterwork: England fans will be paying 25 quid for a bottle of beer by Monday.
Basto 1 year ago:
RT @hughlaurie: Congratulations exiters. Reverse is across and down, easy on the clutch.
Basto 1 year ago:
RT @PETAUK: Olympic torch ceremony ends with fatal shooting of captive jaguar. She just wanted to be FREE.
Basto 1 year ago:
@538 You know me so well. Het belgisch bier staat al koud, en de Nederlandse vrienden zijn welkom! #belita #tousensemble #tousenfrance
Basto 1 year ago:
RT @CometBlueMusic: We are no. 47 on the @hypem popular chart! #cometblue #watchthesun #enjoy #summertune #tropicalhouse #beachvibes https:…
Basto 1 year ago:
RT @peta: ...
Basto 1 year ago:
RT @SonyMusicItaly: Saliamo sulla #Spaceship dei @CometBlueMusic e lasciamoci trasportare sul pianeta della Tropical House 🚀!…
Basto 1 year ago:
@538 doorgesnoven? Zó slecht is die muziek nu toch ook niet? Alhoewel, nu ik zelf eens terugluister met een helder hoofd....
Basto 1 year ago:
Wrote and produced this one and very happy with it!
Basto 1 year ago:
Congrats #teamtesoro @Lauwraaaaah_ you nailed it. En niet enkel omdat we van België zijn @petervandeveire .
Basto 1 year ago:
I haven't been in touch with her since 212. But there is little doubt that she has issues.
Basto 1 year ago:
I'd better make a new one then... Check to get a taste...
Basto 1 year ago:
Meet Ieres, our giraffe horse. #home #Chaam #spring
Basto 1 year ago:
RT @peta: This could completely change the world by 2050. The ONE thing that could save 8.1 human million lives every year:…
Basto 1 year ago:
RT @SonyMusicBE: How to wake up?😴 @CometBlueMusic performing Spaceship at @popvillamusic PS: composed by @bastomus…

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