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mele is an acclaimed DJ from United Kingdom

mele is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 3876 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Melé 3 hours ago:
@BontanUK for man
Melé 3 hours ago:
@ElliotAdamson Hahaha
Melé 5 hours ago:
off to watch my mate and one of my favourite djs @MellaDee_ play all night long in LDN town
Melé 11 hours ago:
so finally got round to doing a Melmatic playlist, all my favourite old and new hip hop/rap records in one place. W…
Melé 1 day ago:
@blackmadonnachi that’s incredible
Melé 1 day ago:
Club Bad lands at Fabric 12th May with @adamport and @andrewtghill...@Patrick_Topping in room 1 too! going to be a…
Melé 2 days ago:
RT @ukmele: Did a new remix for my mate @SGLewis of his new track Aura
Melé 2 days ago:
i hope my ex landlord stubs his toe
Melé 3 days ago:
Did a new remix for my mate @SGLewis of his new track Aura
Melé 6 days ago:
Salah is fucking unreal
Melé 1 week ago:
@alfiescotting my desk isn’t big enough lol
Melé 1 week ago:
@dextrecs the best mate! got my poly61, sh09 and Juno back today
Melé 1 week ago:
on a proper nerdy one - i got all my synths back repaired today and my new studio is finally set up…
Melé 1 week ago:
RT @BBCR1MusicBot: Now Playing SG Lewis, Melé - Aura (Mele Remix) @sglewis_, @ukmele
Melé 1 week ago:
@DJBarelyLegal i got in one the other day and the driver was like “Krissy? Krissy is a girls name your not a girl?” 🙃
Melé 1 week ago:
RT @BURNEECE: "There is no budget but..."
Melé 1 week ago:
@BontanUK they’re hating on man
Melé 1 week ago:
@BontanUK don’t I’m traumatised kid
Melé 1 week ago:
RT @ukmele: in a good mood so here is an edit i did of A Tribe Called Quest 💛💛
Melé 1 week ago:

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