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mele has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

mele is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 3873 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Melé 6 minutes ago:
sometimes the thought of going on tour to somewhere like America or Australia is so daunting like I’m just so conte…
Melé 3 hours ago:
RT @BontanUK: MiNT club in Leeds closing down?! Absolutely gutted. I’ve had some incredible nights there. One of the first places to book m…
Melé 3 hours ago:
first time in San Francisco next Friday at @1015sf ! Can’t wait 🇺🇸
Melé 1 day ago:
also can’t wait to get to Chicago & Detroit for the first in November :)
Melé 1 day ago:
Belfast, Liverpool, Ibiza, San Francisco, Denver, San Diego all in the next 10 days 😶💃🏻
Melé 1 day ago:
@joshbutlermusic @HanLeiMusic @DefectedRecords belter
Melé 1 day ago:
Super excited to be heading to Belfast on Friday for the @BBCR1 Rave Lounge with @AnnieMac, @petetong and…
Melé 1 day ago:
very sexy
Melé 2 days ago:
such an exciting day waiting in for a new synth to be delivered 🤓🤓🤓
Melé 2 days ago:
RT @RaveFootage: The boss, Marco Carola in the Dc10 Garden last night @ Circoloco 🤡 Track ID: Let’s Groove (@ukmele Remix)…
Melé 2 days ago:
some fucking buzz being at Anfield for that ❤️
Melé 2 days ago:
shouts to the absolute main fella @marcocarola playing my remix of Lets Groove at @circolocoibiza 🍅
Melé 3 days ago:
RT @SimonDunmore: Fast approaching the seasons closing parties!... Catch myself, @ukmele, @blucu, @Lowsteppa & @djhausUTTU at @eden_ibiza…
Melé 4 days ago:
off to Ibiza 😊😊😊
Melé 5 days ago:
playing on Southport Pier tonight with my main fella @BontanUK
Melé 5 days ago:
Yes the boys 🔴
Melé 5 days ago:
RT @AccidentalP: #AccidentalPartridge
Melé 6 days ago:
this new @THEREALGHETTS album tho ❄️❄️❄️❄️
Melé 1 week ago:
For my last @RinseFM Residency slot this week, I had @harrychoochoo in the mix to celebrate my In The House compila…
Melé 1 week ago:
when you tell @gillespeterson it’s one of your new ones

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