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Melé 48 minutes ago:
RT @KariesWorld_: Only getting over Friday night at @District8Dublin, this is what smashing it looked like with @ukmele at @elrow_ https://…
Melé 58 minutes ago:
RT @AccidentalP: #AccidentalPartridge
Melé 4 hours ago:
so happy with the Club Bad x @unikclothingltd collab. support has been mad. restocks on sale in 1 hour 💣👄🎲🐯
Melé 24 hours ago:
Harry Redknapp is a g
Melé 3 days ago:
shouts to Kevin Kilbane inside Elrow Dublin hahha
Melé 3 days ago:
on way to Dublin to headline 2 @elrow_ shows this weekend... let’s have itttt 🌶🌶🌶🌶
Melé 4 days ago:
as promised... 🐯
Melé 5 days ago:
just finished a remix of the new @FriendlyFires single. Can’t wait for you’s to hear it 😊
Melé 6 days ago:
Deffo just washed my passport with my US visa in what a massive twat i am
Melé 7 days ago:
@ElliotAdamson fuck off
Melé 1 week ago:
next two weekends will be huge. buzzin to be back with the @elrow_ crew 🌶☘
Melé 1 week ago:
@SlickDon Lmao
Melé 1 week ago:
@posthegemony 12-2
Melé 1 week ago:
playing the legendary @SmartBar tonight with @blucu and @samdivine oh shiiiit
Melé 1 week ago:
Buzzing to be back at @HideoutFestival next summer with this lot 🇭🇷 🌶
Melé 1 week ago:
@JamieClay_ Fucking hell hahah
Melé 1 week ago:
@JamieClay_ Loooool
Melé 2 weeks ago:
off to Chicago and Detroit for the weekend 🎉
Melé 2 weeks ago:
The Prodigy in liverpool tonight lets fuckin go m888
Melé 2 weeks ago:
@unikclothingltd x Club Bad merch restocks coming soon 🐯👄🎲💣

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