Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Brixton, United Kingdom
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United Kingdom



loefah is an acclaimed DJ from United Kingdom

loefah is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 4994 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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LOEFAH 8 hours ago:
Leeds gang 💾 https://t.co/Z7Kuzu30Vx
LOEFAH 2 days ago:
RT @TSPAmsterdam: Incoming >>>>> This Saturday Amsterdam! @SWAMP81 @loefah @TectonicPinch @mcrCHUNKY @OT301 https://t.co/EScj05zWMS
LOEFAH 3 days ago:
Sign up - http://wierdscience/swamp81 https://t.co/FiWBtR0Epl
LOEFAH 4 days ago:
RT @TSPAmsterdam: Amsterdam! 5 days and we blaze it down at @@OT301 @SWAMP81 @loefah @TectonicPinch @mcrCHUNKY . https://t.co/KghHUVM0SR
LOEFAH 4 days ago:
RT @norwoodsoulptrl: Norwood Soul Patrol - 14th January 2018 https://t.co/EpjZ1TIBwB Only on @RinseFM
LOEFAH 5 days ago:
LOEFAH 6 days ago:
The @SentryRecords party was hard! Out to @DJYoungsta 💪🏻
LOEFAH 1 week ago:
RT @TectonicPinch: Back to the swamplands... Revisiting 81 for my next 12", out Feb 16th! Check previews right about here: https://t.co/UT1…
LOEFAH 1 week ago:
RT @TSPAmsterdam: Word is on the streets. iAmsterdam! January 20th!#Swamp81Takeover @SWAMP81 @TectonicPinch @loefah @mcrCHUNKY https://t.co…
LOEFAH 1 week ago:
RT @_piezo: https://t.co/p8SpMRm9s6
LOEFAH 1 week ago:
RT @residentadvisor: .@TectonicPinch is releasing an EP on @SWAMP81 after more than six years away https://t.co/yUOrnITKXT
LOEFAH 1 week ago:
Pinch - walking with shadows / AHH FFF SSS (pmaws014) out Feb 16th https://t.co/OmI0lvOKZS https://t.co/ko8lYw3Agj
LOEFAH 1 week ago:
RT @Fallon_HustlePR: @SWAMP81 kicks off the new year with a heavy hitter from @TectonicPinch... last seen on the label in 2010! 👹🔥https://t…
LOEFAH 1 week ago:
RT @KloseOne: Live on @RinseFM today from 11am -1 Get locked 🔊🔊 https://t.co/RPqgtuZmep
LOEFAH 2 weeks ago:
Listen to Swamp 81 with Loefah & Orieta Chrem - 7th January 2018 by Rinse FM #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/2OwJz1QQRj
LOEFAH 2 weeks ago:
Live on @RinseFM for the @SWAMP81 show https://t.co/H2YlL1ULql
LOEFAH 2 weeks ago:
RT @PalemanUK: These are out Monday will post link : ) https://t.co/Lhnlvm6On8
LOEFAH 3 weeks ago:
RT @mcrCHUNKY: Love is the glue
LOEFAH 3 weeks ago:
RT @mcrCHUNKY: 🥔
LOEFAH 3 weeks ago:
RIP bruv ❤️ https://t.co/ubXLChX3EK

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