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lenzman has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

lenzman is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 1983 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Lenzman 29 minutes ago:
RT @hitandrunuk: Amazing response to this show, with over a 3rd of tickets sold in first 24 hours! On 3rd release here, still only £12.50…
Lenzman 34 minutes ago:
@ThePrototypesUK Now we got a game (hopefully)
Lenzman 54 minutes ago:
@ThePrototypesUK This game is one of the dryest in recent memory though
Lenzman 58 minutes ago:
@BluMarTen America fuck yah
Lenzman 14 hours ago:
RT @ChildrenOfZeus: Manchester🐝 Our debut album is out next month & we’d like nothing more than to celebrate with some friends in our homet…
Lenzman 23 hours ago:
RT @FootballCliches: Not sure if it's some sort of cry for help, but Spain appear to be passing themselves a picture of Vicente del Bosque'…
Lenzman 1 day ago:
Such a privilege to be invited to the… https://t.co/Kd0ro0mbv9
Lenzman 1 day ago:
RT @BigGhostLtd: Keep it thoro https://t.co/c391vdoFe1
Lenzman 1 day ago:
RT @GaryLineker: See Pepe is still a dick.
Lenzman 1 day ago:
RT @PulseRadio: Amsterdam's The @North_Quarter is a drum & bass label with a multidimensional approach to music and output. We take a clo…
Lenzman 1 day ago:
RT @YourOldDroog: The best rapper to say words into a mic died a year ago today https://t.co/quhr1Vo6ix
Lenzman 1 day ago:
#Updated Golden Age Rap Classics @MobbDeep @theroots @PeteRock @methodman @IAmKRSOne @diamondditc @Spotify… https://t.co/4XEbH7p5D0
Lenzman 2 days ago:
RIP https://t.co/TApKAUQfPS
Lenzman 2 days ago:
RT @djjjfrost: Children of the windrush generation in @DJmag also features @ronisizebristol @TheAshleyBeedle @fabiodnb @NormanJayMBE & @Rh…
Lenzman 2 days ago:
RT @SamuelLJackson: Any word on Mexico paying that 45 $Billion ransom for the kids,to build that wall?#whoareweamerica#theworldiswatching#t…
Lenzman 2 days ago:
RT @aldotdivino: I don’t trust older heads who don’t empower any youth.
Lenzman 2 days ago:
RT @ChildrenOfZeus: Latest Children of Zeus @NTSlive show is online featuring special uninvited guests @ksr_mcr & @KatBROWNSUGAR 1 hour o…
Lenzman 2 days ago:
RT @lilyallen: When they taught us about Nazi Germany in school, I could never understand how Hitler managed to get everyone onside, I mean…
Lenzman 2 days ago:
#Updated Hardbody Hip Hop @jayrock @Alchemist @rocmarci @VDONSOUNDZ @ADONISSOUND @WESTSIDEGUNN @BennyBsf… https://t.co/wnMZlUUcua
Lenzman 3 days ago:
RT @CynthiaEriVo: This is despicable. I have no words. These are camps! This is unforgivable. https://t.co/q5vNC9Chuz

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