Genre:Hardcore / Hard Techno
    Location:Chester, United Kingdom
    Date of birth:1982-02-04
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United Kingdom



kutski has a many loyal fans in his home country

kutski is performing within the field of Hardcore / Hard Techno music and is ranked 564 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

kutski is 36 years old, and his zodiac is Aquarius.

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Kutski 46 minutes ago:
@ijustine @jordansuckley should defo get a drone man
Kutski 3 hours ago:
Keeping the rave alive 🙃 📸 slvcker https://t.co/QwpJZhvS7u
Kutski 5 hours ago:
@BrettTyre Ah that’s amazing! I never knew that!
Kutski 8 hours ago:
@_ArmstrongStyle 💪🏼
Kutski 8 hours ago:
RT @KTRAofficial: Raw Hardstyle phenomenon @WarfaceOfficial will join us for his first ever #KTRA at @O2AcademyGgow on 24th November!! ✊🔥 h…
Kutski 23 hours ago:
RT @sinistryuk: JUST ANNOUNCED! - Sinistry Halloween 2018 | Official Trailer [HD] https://t.co/afkTMOy6NN via @YouTube @Lab4Official MARK…
Kutski 1 day ago:
Nocturnal Beats, Sacramento 🇺🇸 🎥 @SBFilmsCA https://t.co/FfAzGlKqyz
Kutski 1 day ago:
RT @KTRAofficial: Italian Hardcore legend Noize Suppressor make his #KeepingTheRaveAlive debut at our upcoming Glasgow show at @O2AcademyGg…
Kutski 1 day ago:
@TahiyyaR Oh wow! I can’t remember. I know the track was by Paul Elstak but I can’t remember what mix it was on I’m afraid
Kutski 1 day ago:
RT @jordansuckley: Damaged Singapore at Canvas Club -20th October w/ @Kutski https://t.co/4kHSsWzalC https://t.co/Pz7uyhrWtI
Kutski 2 days ago:
With two fast rising hardstyle artists you should check out @keijidj and @DJHpnotic 🇺🇸🇰🇷 https://t.co/i0DcFnK2KT
Kutski 2 days ago:
@LauraLacole Oh no what’s up with Eunan?
Kutski 2 days ago:
Join me on the live stream now, jet lagged, talking gibberish, but playing some pretty alright music!… https://t.co/XVFTp51H0U
Kutski 2 days ago:
@keijidj Yes bro 🙌🏼 send me that pic!!
Kutski 2 days ago:
Surabaya & Singapore!! New dates added to next months Asia tour 😁🌎 https://t.co/Lq8q5KzzMX
Kutski 3 days ago:
Thanks everyone who ordered the new CDs over the weekend! Just heading home now, will get packaged up tonight and i… https://t.co/bZQAZb07KT
Kutski 3 days ago:
@jordansuckley @alexmorph @SHINE_Ibiza 6:30hr delay and no upgrade! I win 🙌🏼 what up @klm hoooooooo!
Kutski 3 days ago:
@djscottbrown @SteinbergMedia @abletonlive I use Ableton exclusively and still have the same problem because a comp… https://t.co/jXcEHKSOTg
Kutski 3 days ago:
@djscottbrown @SteinbergMedia Yep! I’m delayed in airport now and want to finish this weeks radio show but I can’t… https://t.co/X2wk1XJEwm
Kutski 4 days ago:
@_potatoez_ Good to finally hang out dude 🙌🏼

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