Genre:Hardcore / Hard Techno
    Location:Chester, United Kingdom
    Date of birth:1982-02-04
565 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



kutski is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

kutski is performing within the field of Hardcore / Hard Techno music and is ranked 565 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

kutski is 36 years old, and his zodiac is Aquarius.

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Kutski 2 hours ago:
@audiofreqdj ...and the pigeons on my roof at 5am 😑
Kutski 3 hours ago:
@_Mary_F_84 Nah, they are fine with it live and it just mutes it if the music is listed as not eligible for ‘listen again’
Kutski 5 hours ago:
@BrDnzz Thanks for the support bro, very much appreciated ❤️ have a good un too 🙌🏼
Kutski 7 hours ago:
All set for Defqon? Can’t wait until tomorrow? Me neither so I’m having a quick spin now: https://t.co/LDweO0PntL https://t.co/Mw0HMKqqEr
Kutski 11 hours ago:
@KELTEKmusic Massive tune mate!
Kutski 1 day ago:
@jk_harvey @Ableton With a max for live plug in. Crazy what u can do with that
Kutski 1 day ago:
@PerryVenture Is the beta on now?
Kutski 1 day ago:
@jk_harvey @Ableton There is a specific folder you just drop the file in but it’s different for pc and Mac so bette… https://t.co/gTGht8Ctgo
Kutski 1 day ago:
My OCD lead my to make my own skin for @Ableton Live. If you like it you can download it for free here because I’m… https://t.co/qsjJY9Cn4w
Kutski 2 days ago:
@weemado Lol
Kutski 2 days ago:
Vinyl is a fun but people forget the problems. I had a style crack and fall off mid stream tonight haha 🙈 Don’t get… https://t.co/jE7qccUoQZ
Kutski 2 days ago:
Taking you back to 2014 in the mix now live on Twitch for some mid week nostalgic hard beats:… https://t.co/jiFWS6amZg
Kutski 3 days ago:
After a bunch of collabs and remixes for the label, I’m proud to announce I’ve signed to @FoolishWTF 🎉 Here’s my fi… https://t.co/VmAZCjnRE0
Kutski 3 days ago:
Stop complaining about the mosquitoes already! Save the excuses for after we lose, we haven’t even played yet, at l… https://t.co/RdlmKw08IE
Kutski 3 days ago:
RT @FoolishWTF: Can you feel the rhythm? 🕺 Pre-save @Kutski's newest babygirl now 👉 https://t.co/hQLHKeSamc https://t.co/vkJsXrt3PU
Kutski 4 days ago:
@MikaVerse Besides all the obvious ones I think ive lost the most time to Xenobland 2 if I like jrpgs
Kutski 4 days ago:
@Katmac34 Nothing beats consistence then... I guess 😆
Kutski 5 days ago:
Busting out the old Sega Megadrive and streaming some classic games on Twitch now 🕹 https://t.co/LDweO0PntL https://t.co/e3El0jAiEO
Kutski 5 days ago:
I first played Defqon.1 in 2006! It’s was my first international festival! Honoured to be closing the white (freest… https://t.co/ekK7PcIJS0
Kutski 5 days ago:
@Dazzbourgh Oh you miss understand, I’m not against it, I’m for it, but I want to go further with the VAR robot

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