Genre:Progressive House, Tech House
    Location:London, United Kingdom
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United Kingdom



kryder is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

kryder is performing within the field of Progressive House, Tech House music and is ranked 399 on the official DJ rankings list (

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K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 7 hours ago:
The first part of God Save The Groove Vol. 1 presented by @Simon_Kidzoo is dropping out this friday on…
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 11 hours ago:
RT @JournoJake: Shout out to @KryderMusic for delivering the most sensational afternoon of ADE 2018! The @kryteriarecords boat party was…
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 15 hours ago:
@JournoJake @kryteriarecords Good to see you 🙌🏻
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 1 day ago:
RT @Miichael_Parke: ADE truly is something special. Glad to finally attend! Met so many amazing people. Favourite moment was easily @Kryder…
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 1 day ago:
RT @MendoOfficial: NEW RELEASE OUT NOW : track ID : 'Turn Around' out on Rules Music Argentina happy to see alread…
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 2 days ago:
@Juan_CamiloTH Coming in the next days 👌🏻
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 2 days ago:
@SpinninRecords @moguaii Really great track !!!!!! Love it
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 2 days ago:
RT @fizziewater: 🔥My buddy @KryderMusic threw the sickest party at ADE this year!🎉Bonus points for being on a boat 🙌🏻…
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 3 days ago:
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 3 days ago:
RT @davewinnel: Congrats to @KryderMusic and his team! The @kryteriarecords boat party was incredible!!
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 3 days ago:
RT @divollymarkward: Thanks to everyone for birthday wishes, @krydermusic showcase of kryteriarecords was massive and the event I wont forg…
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 3 days ago:
RT @Max_Bisi: What a sick afternoon it was - and that on my birthday, couldn't ask for a better present 😍 thank you so much to @krydermusic…
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 3 days ago:
Huge happy birthday to @Max_Bisi great to see you today mate and wishing you a epic weekend brother .
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 4 days ago:
Tune in now to the @kryteriarecords #ADE boat party #LIVE from @ADE_NL
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 5 days ago:
My spotify playlist is now updated with new tracks from @Simon_Kidzoo @TomStaar @NicolaFasano @ThomasNewson…
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 5 days ago:
Catch me playing tomorrow at @slamofficial live from @ADE_NL !!Tune in at 08:00 GMT+2!
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 5 days ago:
RT @raaaas1212: Holy shit @KryderMusic Billionaire is fucking excellent. Goosebump inducing. #savethegroove
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 6 days ago:
RT @refael10mg: absolutely fire @KryderMusic 🔥
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 6 days ago:
Kryteria Radio is back this week with a special episode celebrating ADE 2018 with a lot of unreleased music and tra…
K̶R̶Y̶D̶E̶R̶ 6 days ago:
RT @Orestes_b: That track at the 7min mark🔥 Que palooooo!🎵🎵⁦@KryderMusic⁩

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