Genre:Electro House
    Location:Chicago, United States
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United States



krewella has a many loyal fans in his home country

krewella is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 653 on the official DJ rankings list (

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KREWELLA 6 minutes ago:
channeling my inner @jumpman23 😎😎 DC / NYC / MONTREAL / CLEARWATER THIS WEEKEND. who gon catch me huhhhh????😏
KREWELLA 3 hours ago:
RT @krewellasource: 🚨 CONTEST ALERT 🚨 Quote, like , and retweet with your favorite Krewella Lyrics to win tickets to the DC, Montreal, NYC…
KREWELLA 5 hours ago:
us fighting our demons in another dimension 👹 Runaway music video out now!!
KREWELLA 18 hours ago:
our manager Jake Udell's newsletter today featuring...our dad/Abu! :)
KREWELLA 1 day ago:
do u ever wonder what we're all gonna think about these nights when we're all elderly folks?? 🏋️‍♂️ weekend starts…
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
@WilliamFinesse the mentality everyone needs :)
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
@VasilikiMallini YOU guys empower US!
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
@travelkrew @R3HAB @EDC_LasVegas dope!!!!!
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
@IshoOboY1 @krewellayasmine @KrewellaJahan salaam!!!!
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
@heykalon google it! already out!
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
@ChileKrewella lol that one is already out!
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
@krrewella mhmmm <3
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
@NeinZedd9 @cleversonribe15 thats up next!
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
@Nimeesh94 @AthenaKrew THEMES THO
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
AZ pool parties always get rly weird in the best way possible :P
KREWELLA 2 days ago:
new music video coming Thursday 👀👀👀 can you guess which song?
KREWELLA 3 days ago:
@krrewella girl! just read ur letter. u are such a fighter. i admire you so much after reading ur story. pls stay s…
KREWELLA 3 days ago:
@krrewella you are
KREWELLA 3 days ago:
don't scale down those dreams for anybody
KREWELLA 3 days ago:

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