Genre:Dubstep, Electronica
    Location:Venice, CA, United States
5963 official

United States



kraddy is a DJ from United States

kraddy is performing within the field of Dubstep, Electronica music and is ranked 5963 on the official DJ rankings list (

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KRADDY 5 hours ago:
Check out my remix of Juicy J “For Everybody”. Free download!! Link in bio #JuicyJ #KRADDY…
KRADDY 6 hours ago:
Just released a remix of Juicy J "For Everybody". Free DL!! ENJOY!...
KRADDY 1 day ago:
Does anyone else just sit around rewatching #HonestTrailers?
KRADDY 1 day ago:
Coming soon!!
KRADDY 3 days ago:
I’m going to re-release it soon!!
KRADDY 1 week ago:
@greatdane Works for me
KRADDY 1 week ago:
@yokazejdm Turtle 🐢
KRADDY 1 week ago:
Are you outfit tracking me?
KRADDY 1 week ago:
@bleepbloopbass @SpaceJesusBASS YESSSSSSS
KRADDY 1 week ago:
How does a cat react to hearing Android Porn on vinyl. Pretty much the way you'd expect. Thanks for at least...
KRADDY 2 weeks ago:
@JAYCEEOH So stoked to hear that 🔥🔥🔥
KRADDY 2 weeks ago:
@bassnectar I like it when you get ANGRY
KRADDY 2 weeks ago:
RT @bassnectar: Good morning Amerikkka, while you were distracted by the clown crook who you were dumb enough or racist enough to vote into…
KRADDY 2 weeks ago:
@Psymbionic That used to happen to me when I had dreads
KRADDY 2 weeks ago:
@ItsUFO SICK! I wanna remix "thing into my brain"⚡️🔥⚡️
KRADDY 2 weeks ago:
@ChampagneDrip Problem solved!
KRADDY 2 weeks ago:
My heavy dubstep basslines all sound like metal riffs
KRADDY 2 weeks ago:
Nailed it 🔨
KRADDY 2 weeks ago:
@LaLanaShea @greatdane Killed it 🔥🔥🔥
KRADDY 2 weeks ago:
@_TSURUDA_ Your Ideas part. 7 track is so sick!

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