Genre:Dubstep, Electronica
    Location:Venice, CA, United States
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United States



kraddy is a DJ from United States

kraddy is performing within the field of Dubstep, Electronica music and is ranked 5963 on the official DJ rankings list (

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KRADDY 21 hours ago:
RT @henryfong: DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Mag Top 10 DJ Mag Top 1 DJ Mag Top DJ Mag To DJ Mag T DJ Mag DJ Ma DJ D De Dee Deez Nuts
KRADDY 22 hours ago:
I wrote Android Porn in my bedroom on ancient home stereo speakers. Mostly in my underwear
KRADDY 22 hours ago:
The vinyl version has the original track on Side A and a DOPE @greatdane remix on side B!
KRADDY 22 hours ago:
Android Porn is 9 years old TODAY!!!! To celebrate I'm giving away 9 copies of AP on vinyl!! Enter to win on my FB page!
KRADDY 22 hours ago:
Android Porn is 9 years old today!!! Thanks to everyone who has supported that song!! I'm humbled that after 9...
KRADDY 23 hours ago:
great times last night with MUTANT SOUND TOUR! @HeadtronMusic @Nastysounds @prokobass @EsseksMusic @wtfischee @_TSURUDA_ @nickleface82 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊
KRADDY 1 day ago:
RT @mrJUSTINMARTIN: Hahahahahahhhaahhaahahhaahahah never forget to laugh hahahahahhhhhaahahahahahahahahahahjahahhahhhhhjajhhhhhhjajahahahjh…
KRADDY 1 day ago:
@ChrisBcrunK Was he headlining?
KRADDY 2 days ago:
@rob_sheridan A Serbian Film 🖤
KRADDY 2 days ago:
“Wait. Wait. Pull what out?” “The dart man. You got a fuckin dart in your neck” “You’re crazy. I like you but you’r…
KRADDY 2 days ago:
When you sample Old School for the drop of your newest track #FTW 😂🤣😂
KRADDY 2 days ago:
Pizza Pluck?
KRADDY 2 days ago:
What are your favorite serum patches?
KRADDY 2 days ago:
@ChampagneDrip NO ITS NOT!!!
KRADDY 2 days ago:
@ChampagneDrip Srsly
KRADDY 3 days ago:
A goat named Pebbles decked me hard today 🐐😵 But I still love her #truestory
KRADDY 4 days ago:
The anniversary of this track is on Sat. 8 years!!!
KRADDY 4 days ago:
Social media = the ultimate echo chamber
KRADDY 5 days ago:
Some 2049 inspired experiments #BladeRunner
KRADDY 5 days ago:
So I decided to adopt a baby yesterday. I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun. I haven’t settled on a…

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