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koan sound is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

koan sound is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 175 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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KOAN Sound 7 days ago:
@Smiley_leeman yes, coming through in august (pre release)
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
@OPIUO emailed you bro :)
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
@SunderCR thanks man
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
@RealJacobAvera when the album drops, and yes planning to!
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
and despite the fact our process is slow, we're determined to make it worth the wait for you guys
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
this album is a huge project for us musically and personally, but we truly believe in it and what the end result will be
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
can only offer apologies for the introversion, but please rest assured we're working 100% on music every day..
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
have been taking a hiatus from social media for a while now, partly because we've been feeling super inspired and motivated recently
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
happy summer solstice! ☀️
KOAN Sound 2 weeks ago:
RT @EvR_18: Finally... <3 @inspected @koansound @culprate @asabristol https://t.co/VuLaFLnpxV
KOAN Sound 2 months ago:
RT @inspected: When the Movember vinyl finally arrives and is more beautiful than we could have even imagined... https://t.co/4ZqA3MNu2z
KOAN Sound 3 months ago:
RT @inspected: The final piece of the puzzle – The Movember Vinyl. All contributors check your email for a final update. Thank you. ❤ htt…
KOAN Sound 4 months ago:
RT @inspected: Hello Movember vinyl test presses. We have one extra — who wants it? @koansound / @culprate / @asabristol https://t.co/2Jf…
KOAN Sound 4 months ago:
RT @Oniropolis: The typography and design of sci-fi https://t.co/0cpvSd22sO thanks to @turnislefthome for the tip-off https://t.co/gmkYDNJs…
KOAN Sound 4 months ago:
Promise we’ll be out of hibernation soon! Jim / Will
KOAN Sound 4 months ago:
Itching to show you all the music we’ve been working on - massive thanks as ever for the ongoing patience and support.
KOAN Sound 4 months ago:
longer than expected, but we're still determined to make something we're really proud of, and not to rush it for release. (3/3)
KOAN Sound 4 months ago:
stages of production and are making good progress, but it still needs more work. It's a huge undertaking for us, and things have taken (2/3)
KOAN Sound 4 months ago:
Hello friends... for the last little while we’ve been heavily immersed in the studio working on our debut album. We’re in the latter (1/3)
KOAN Sound 4 months ago:
@dsquareddan @inspected no... checking test presses tonight!

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