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kmfdm is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 3738 on the official DJ rankings list (

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KMFDM 7 days ago:
Going to take orders for the next 24hrs for these in XL-TALL sizing for our gentle giant fans, so you know. If you…
KMFDM 2 weeks ago:
Last day to own one of these Limited Ed. Red bad bois. Only what’s ordered this weekend will be printed, and you’ll…
KMFDM 3 weeks ago:
Now taking pre-orders on these two! White will be a stocked item, but ONLY WHAT’S ORDERED THIS WEEKEND WILL BE PRIN…
KMFDM 3 weeks ago:
Green #NIHIL being pressed by robots. 💚 Next 25 orders of green get a FREE SLIPMAT!
KMFDM 1 month ago:
All. The. Amazing. @barceleryan (from IG) composed the pic to end all pics. It’s got Xtort. It’s got green shit. A…
KMFDM 2 months ago:
End-of-the-month FLASH SALE! 20% off almost everything in the store! Just use the code "FLASH" at checkout! (Reor…
KMFDM 2 months ago:
The Smoke version of the #NIHIL 2-LP will have a little transparency, little striations of color, and a touch of me…
KMFDM 2 months ago:
Our buddy Ilker Yücel of ReGen Magazine doing the kind thing we appreciate so much, helping out a member of the KMF…
KMFDM 2 months ago:
And awaaaaay they go to Germany. #KMFDM #NIHIL test pressings.
KMFDM 3 months ago:
First test pressing run and listen of #NIHIL 💥
KMFDM 3 months ago:
Andee did a thing. An amazing thing. 🔥🖤🔥
KMFDM 3 months ago:
:59 mins left on that FLASH discount, yo!
KMFDM 3 months ago:
Little favor: can someone please measure the embroidery dimensions on the Technologo beanie? You're simply a doll for doing so.
KMFDM 3 months ago:
#NIHIL jackets, sleeves, and labels hath arrived in Athens, Ga. Order NIHIL 2-LP:
KMFDM 4 months ago:
A little snippet - read more of this discussion on NIHIL, tyranny, the new generation, our beloved Andee, and all k…
KMFDM 4 months ago:
Pretty awesome (and hilarious) write-up on Tiny Mix Tapes! :-)
KMFDM 5 months ago:
Something wicked this way comes...perhaps Friday.
KMFDM 5 months ago:
Thoughts, Team?
KMFDM 5 months ago:
Our last sale before we launch a schmancy NEW STORE and some crazy NEW ITEMS! All weekend, use the code "FLASH"...
KMFDM 6 months ago:
Looking back on videos from the HELL YEAH tour, like this one shared by Elise (@primitive.wings on IG) at...

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