Genre:Tech House, Techno
    Location:London, United Kingdom
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John Digweed 3 hours ago:
Monster Tune Alert - brancaccioluke & Simon Berry - Close your Eyes out next month on…
John Digweed 9 hours ago:
Not long now until @movementdetroit and incredible line up of DJ’s and Live acts spread over 3 days who’s coming?…
John Digweed 1 day ago:
I am so sorry that I had to pull out of this years @EDC_LasVegas for personal reasons, I hope you understand that f…
John Digweed 2 days ago:
This was the essential new tune on @petetong @BBCR1 show last week. We have all signed the Limited edition Vinyls a…
John Digweed 2 days ago:
RT @ra_japan: UKのベテラン @DJJohnDigweed がゴールデンウィークに来日し、東京と大阪でプレイ
John Digweed 3 days ago:
Wow Happy Independence Day. Thank you music.tlv that was some party tonight - track ID @djguyj…
John Digweed 3 days ago:
@bedrockrecords XX test pressing vinyls are in “Crazy Diamond reprise” getting road tested…
John Digweed 3 days ago:
Looking forward to heading back to @FlashClubDC next month TIX: INFO:…
John Digweed 4 days ago:
Track ID @fakechrisbarrat @nickmuirmusic and myself “Divenire” forthcoming on @bedrockrecords…
John Digweed 5 days ago:
Just landed from São Paulo first thing I did was sign these sleeves for @bedrockrecords next…
John Digweed 6 days ago:
Transitions Show with John Digweed and Oliver Lieb. Listen now: Track ID: Out now on Beat…
John Digweed 6 days ago:
Here”s a classic for you the new track ‘Crazy Diamond’ from @fakechrisbarrat @nickmuirmusic and…
John Digweed 7 days ago:
Thank you warung_dayfestival that was mind blowing @djguyj @sashaofficial @warungclub
John Digweed 1 week ago:
Landed and on route to warung_dayfestival can”t wait for this is going to be very special with…
John Digweed 1 week ago:
What a gig thank you Argentina 🇦🇷 and Rosario - what a crowd - what a party @NicolasBasaureX…
John Digweed 1 week ago:
Fantastic news the next @bedrockrecords release from @fakechrisbarrat @nickmuirmusic and myself…
John Digweed 1 week ago:
Hola rosario, Los veo esta noche! metro 1 y 2 estaran habilitados para una mejor…
John Digweed 1 week ago:
Throwback Thursday 20/09/2013 Rosario with @NicolasBasaureX - same magic for tomorrow
John Digweed 1 week ago:
Great to see techno DJ and producer shelley_johannson representing some of the @bedrockrecords…
John Digweed 1 week ago:
Hola 🇦🇷

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