Genre:House, Tech House
    Location:London, United Kingdom
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jamie jones is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

jamie jones is performing within the field of House, Tech House music and is ranked 142 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Jamie Jones 19 hours ago:
Heading to Riccione for @cocoricodisco tonight! Terni tomorrow and void mykanos Monday! Rave on. 🙌🏾 @ Brussels Airp… https://t.co/r3QSyLxQBi
Jamie Jones 2 days ago:
Ibiza days with my best friend bokimjones 🐾 https://t.co/QBbBuUGHw5
Jamie Jones 3 days ago:
All good. Maybe this.. Soundcheck complete. Now it’s party time! 🎉 @ DC10 https://t.co/GvuEPgJPtZ
Jamie Jones 5 days ago:
Sunrise moments last week in Sicily.. Grazie afrobar.. 🌅🌴🇮🇹 https://t.co/ZN6f9mEDCT
Jamie Jones 6 days ago:
Yes! Weekend off! Happy b day charlotteca88 ⛵️🎂 @ Formentera https://t.co/c8HLLRxH4Q
Jamie Jones 1 week ago:
Music on tonight! I play 12.45 solo, and 2.45 with this maestro. 🌴x🔰 https://t.co/e6QnY9ytxj
Jamie Jones 1 week ago:
If you’re wondering what goes backstage! 🤡 https://t.co/t8XF1lO3UF
Jamie Jones 1 week ago:
Paradise in the house tonight! 💥😃🙌🏾 @ DC10 https://t.co/TKUOG5YJ1F
Jamie Jones 2 weeks ago:
This is a good sign. @ DC10 https://t.co/b2V4TAXXUj
Jamie Jones 2 weeks ago:
New day, new hair. Feeling fresh! @ Catania, Italy https://t.co/A8camNZ9e0
Jamie Jones 2 weeks ago:
awakenings was so electric it made my hair stand on end!! ⚡️💂🏾‍♀️ #nextlevelfestival https://t.co/4ncSz1gDsU
Jamie Jones 2 weeks ago:
One of my favourite moments in a club ever. This is exactly why we are doing it, unity, one vibe togetherness. Para… https://t.co/s31Z36gyFg
Jamie Jones 4 weeks ago:
Back for round 2 on the DC10 terrace tomorrow with this legend. @marco_carola What do you think I’m saying to him?… https://t.co/HFqL0lyN77
Jamie Jones 1 month ago:
In the club checking out the new look.… https://t.co/HpOV5OkgPK
Jamie Jones 1 month ago:
The spy who loved me, With a view to a kill 🎬 https://t.co/lFCoRKOxWY
Jamie Jones 1 month ago:
2018, year of the dancing dj?… https://t.co/YR4hKhEgUR
Jamie Jones 2 months ago:
Festival season off to a bang!🎇 #edclasvegas https://t.co/ZJXgR86RVO
Jamie Jones 2 months ago:
Tunnel vision @ アマン 東京 Aman Tokyo https://t.co/xXGolB1mFW
Jamie Jones 2 months ago:
🌇🇯🇵 @ アマン 東京 Aman Tokyo https://t.co/I9vfJWua5Y
Jamie Jones 2 months ago:
Tokyo! Catch me this Friday night at @contacttokyo https://t.co/gMd3fRcdXt

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