Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
8933 official dj-rankings.com

South Africa



james damian is a DJ from South Africa

james damian is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 8933 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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James Damian 1 hour ago:
Yeah he had a shocker at the brits but here is Kendrick on fire: https://t.co/4t6NWeWxJL https://t.co/GxgmQ8yUlO
James Damian 11 hours ago:
Pretty cool doccie. It's free to stream on Amazon prime video. — watching Dubfire - Above Ground Level Film
James Damian 23 hours ago:
James Damian 2 days ago:
This is going to be a hot sweaty glorious mess of a Monday. https://t.co/mhLfcQzHjB
James Damian 4 days ago:
Big up Wetherspoon for giving paper straws at the bar. Hope they are in all their venues. #plasticsucks
James Damian 5 days ago:
James Damian 5 days ago:
Black Panther. I expected more from the story and suspect a lot was left on the cutting room floor. Soundtrack... https://t.co/LsM8AeK8CO
James Damian 6 days ago:
Wake up America. https://t.co/w6E11k67l2
James Damian 6 days ago:
The persistent notifications change in the latest facebook app update is highly annoying. Or is that just me?
James Damian 6 days ago:
Caterpillar lemmings! What if the front one gets lost or squished? I'd corral them into a perfect circle 🤠 https://t.co/ezTv7HY1nu
James Damian 7 days ago:
James Damian 7 days ago:
An image of hope. https://t.co/q8C5c9MUR2
James Damian 1 week ago:
Zuma and Mugabe gone within a year of each other! May the long road to healing the Southern end of Africa begin.
James Damian 1 week ago:
When your phone upgrade sneaks up on you the same time as samsung launch their new S series, you get to be that... https://t.co/LMU389zkgD
James Damian 1 week ago:
James Damian 1 week ago:
Great film. Amazing cast. Scary how much nothing has changed. — watching The Post
James Damian 1 week ago:
Why do I get excited at the fact London is seemingly built on top of a giant mine field? #sickpuppylikesbooms https://t.co/6s3m9bqT3A
James Damian 1 week ago:
James Damian 1 week ago:
Jason get ready to die a little inside. https://t.co/EzStNn1bCa
James Damian 2 weeks ago:
This kid though 😍 https://t.co/8LVRLnVTDR

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