Genre:House, Tech House
    Location:Barcelona, Spain
647 official




funk d'void has a many loyal fans in his home country

funk d'void is performing within the field of House, Tech House music and is ranked 647 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Funk D'Void 2 hours ago:
RT @RealBobMortimer: A visualisation of the Adrian Lewis Meat Incident by @ben_pics. Very sweary and NSFW
Funk D'Void 4 hours ago:
@paulothegreat @GreggsOfficial Might be over really soon for family trip, will bell ye
Funk D'Void 4 hours ago:
@paulothegreat How's the snow in Glesga? Looks baltic
Funk D'Void 15 hours ago:
Double helping of schadenfreude watching both #FyreFestival docs tonight - rich, millennial douchebag "influencers"…
Funk D'Void 20 hours ago:
RT @brookgeerecords: Flashback to Funk D'Void's @funkdvoid powerful tune 'Scorpion'🦂, which was released on our label📀 back in August 2018👍…
Funk D'Void 23 hours ago:
"We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the po…
Funk D'Void 2 days ago:
RT @TheCryptoMonk: 🚨 Alert 🚨 I am going to warn you one last time: @bitbillyy is a con artist. He was called @cryptorandyy back then and…
Funk D'Void 3 days ago:
RT @CryptoMichaelT: This is the best thread on twitter
Funk D'Void 5 days ago:
Goodbye toxic trolls "RA: Opinion: Why we're closing comments"
Funk D'Void 5 days ago:
Funk D'Void 5 days ago:
@iliekstahwahs hahaha sounds like a joke?
Funk D'Void 6 days ago:
@Leftfield Neil ya wanna come over sometime and play?
Funk D'Void 6 days ago:
Funk D'Void & Friends tomorrow night
Funk D'Void 7 days ago:
RT @OllieWride: Polite notice, if you’re going to approach someone for their services... DO NOT expect that person will give their time, sk…
Funk D'Void 1 week ago:
Funk D'Void 1 week ago:
@NYTAofficial @fabriclondon I'm blaming Brexit
Funk D'Void 1 week ago:
RT @punkthevoid: Remember kids, this is SATIRE...don’t get any ideas please 🙄
Funk D'Void 1 week ago:
@steve_bug Have fun, old friend
Funk D'Void 2 weeks ago:
RT @TartanTechno: And 24hrs of mixes to bookmark and follow for updates throughout the rest of year, thanks to @nulldashvoid @clouds @funkd…
Funk D'Void 2 weeks ago:
@DJ_Corinne @5Magazine The funniest thing is sending someone their own track. That's how he got caught. Lol.

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