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fady ferraye has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

fady ferraye is performing within the field of Minimal music and is ranked 2647 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Fady Ferraye 19 hours ago:
Party people of Amman, get ready for dis! w/ Lee Van Dowski Deejay Diaz Moh Hamam B-Side Malhas and myself Fady Fe… https://t.co/62n2DMDUlE
Fady Ferraye 3 days ago:
Close your eyes, open your ears! #mylatestset #deeptechno HURLY BURLY https://t.co/aFFvieT41e
Fady Ferraye 7 days ago:
This Saturday, our Afro House monthly ritual at Radio Beirut in Mar Mkhayel, join us! Set Time: 10PM #radiobeirut… https://t.co/929XwP4GXp
Fady Ferraye 2 weeks ago:
Join us this Sunday, let the good times roll! ❤️ https://t.co/nPVtpBBlGi
Fady Ferraye 3 weeks ago:
Jam 2 this Saturday at Barracuda beach 🏄🏻!! Set Time: 10:30 PM #beachparty #sunsettillsunrise https://t.co/NqS7WttTr0
Fady Ferraye 1 month ago:
🔥 — attending Apache 2 at La Prairie Village https://t.co/JJKYD6LZUv
Fady Ferraye 1 month ago:
Fady Ferraye 1 month ago:
This friday! Set time: 4:00AM Portal Fam at La Prairie Village 💚✌️
Fady Ferraye 1 month ago:
Join us this Sunday at this special venue AKASHA. My set time: 4:00PM #onelove #natureandtechno https://t.co/wfhubeRF4t
Fady Ferraye 1 month ago:
Next week and i can’t wait! Portal Family ✊💚 https://t.co/BZu5BziaIL
Fady Ferraye 2 months ago:
Follow my artist page at Anghami! Stay tuned with the latest mixes and releases. https://t.co/NwA9G8fx6e
Fady Ferraye 2 months ago:
Closing the night. 🚀 I’m on at 5:00AM — attending überhaus presents Local Legends at The Gärten at The Gärten https://t.co/Zh48TiZKaR
Fady Ferraye 2 months ago:
Join me tonight at Radio Beirut! Will be spinnin' some Alternative/Indie/Psychedelia/Electro soundz. ✌️… https://t.co/IoH7VtSLzi
Fady Ferraye 2 months ago:
August 31 at Frozen Cherry Save the date! 🍒❤️ Digital Path’ 2nd anniversary. https://t.co/1rOw0JGJe8
Fady Ferraye 2 months ago:
Afrohouse all night long tonight at Colonel Reef. Cheers 🍻 — at Colonel Beer Brewery https://t.co/jcoELwriFG
Fady Ferraye 2 months ago:
It’s tomorrow night! At our beloved Amsterdammer Club, where it all began! #letscelebrate #loveisallyouneed… https://t.co/IMNcZV81iS
Fady Ferraye 2 months ago:
Me & Debbie we met at this lovely cosy legendary Amsterdam Club and fell in love, that was 6 years ago, this Saturd… https://t.co/AXBOkcjWPK
Fady Ferraye 2 months ago:
Full house and i love that 💜 Set time 7:00AM 🚀 — at Projekt https://t.co/Qru2EkV72r
Fady Ferraye 3 months ago:
Tonight we party at this special and unique venue! My set Time: 4:00AM But, be there urly it is all about the jou… https://t.co/nK2e6kN1B1
Fady Ferraye 3 months ago:
Hot hot hot! Who's in? 1 Bracelet 2 Parties Save the dates! ✌️🚀 https://t.co/oo4KOgcHzA

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