Genre:Progressive House
    Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
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dyro is among the top DJs in the world

dyro is performing within the field of Progressive House music and is ranked 62 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Dyro 9 hours ago:
San Diego County fair with oktay_duzgun and the fam https://t.co/1yJvfetKTR
Dyro 11 hours ago:
RT @InsomniacClubs: Don't miss @Dyro this Friday at @BassmntSD! Tickets - https://t.co/obBgLtBciZ https://t.co/0D4Fnx49h7
Dyro 2 days ago:
@Schiphol Overal voor de laatste paar maanden.
Dyro 2 days ago:
@Schiphol Die bedoel ik ja.
Dyro 2 days ago:
@Schiphol Als er meer bakjes naar achter gaan dan naar voren, is het dan de schuld van de reiziger of jullie personeel?
Dyro 3 days ago:
@bol_com lekker systeem hebben jullie. extra betalen voor same-day delivery en gewoon niet op komen dagen. krijg ik me geld terug?
Dyro 3 days ago:
@JejeLemieux Should i sing you as well? What should i wear?
Dyro 3 days ago:
@JejeLemieux A custom video?
Dyro 3 days ago:
@marvomusic It turns it into a limiter. Which its not made for.
Dyro 4 days ago:
RT @klintslvyvll: Top 3 Sets at EDC 1. DJ Khaled 2. They 3. Las Vegas, California
Dyro 4 days ago:
New 🔥 added from @SoltanOfficial, @EhideOfficial, @Axwell, @Ingrosso, @RLGRIME & @Miguel to the playlist! https://t.co/CBEt5gRxTv
Dyro 4 days ago:
@drphunkmusic Scootah
Dyro 4 days ago:
Uber in Amsterdam is a fucking disaster when its hot out. Time to participate in the problem and buy a bicycle.
Dyro 4 days ago:
@DSquaredMD nice, i'm excited!
Dyro 4 days ago:
@DSquaredMD Good thing i havent seen the movies yet.
Dyro 4 days ago:
You have until this Wednesday to enter a signed “Surrounded” screen print! https://t.co/J5zS69V18b https://t.co/eGiYyLqFI3
Dyro 4 days ago:
@kunishida Bless you guys for manga
Dyro 4 days ago:
@Official_Dybbuk Yeah, i heard it gets better later on
Dyro 4 days ago:
Just started watching the dubbed Dragon Ball Super episodes. Please let this be awesome. My childhood depends on it.
Dyro 5 days ago:
@MaxVangeli @djais is this supposed to be hot? lol

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