Genre:Electro House, Progressive House
    Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
    Date of birth:1981-01-05
34 official




deadmau5 is considered one of the best DJ brands in the world

deadmau5 is performing within the field of Electro House, Progressive House music and is ranked 34 on the official DJ rankings list (

deadmau5 is 36 years old, and his zodiac is Capricorn.

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Goat lord 16 hours ago:
@NEXT_LEVL Still good!
Goat lord 18 hours ago:
@MKBHD Gottem!!!
Goat lord 19 hours ago:
i wouldn't worry about him too much. He defo can't outrun a hot 7.62 coming at his face.
Goat lord 21 hours ago:
@elonmusk yerp. 250mph roadster? im gettin that. thanks for inventing it. appreciate it.
Goat lord 1 day ago: morning stuff
Goat lord 2 days ago:
Holy shit. That's some good work!
Goat lord 2 days ago:
All of it.
Goat lord 2 days ago:
I was just instructed to retweet this.
Goat lord 2 days ago:
@KODINial It's a Canadian thing
Goat lord 3 days ago:
custom pubg games with @Cloud9 come join in the fray in the custom servers list. :D
Goat lord 3 days ago:
Goat lord 4 days ago:
Noice noice...
Goat lord 5 days ago:
@DalaiMomma1 Yeah mon! It was funky!
Goat lord 5 days ago:
Well yeah, he's a straight up piece of shit.
Goat lord 5 days ago:
I have a plan. Now that we should make "Mau5trap Monday" a thing... we also need to release a quarterly Mau5trap Mo…
Goat lord 5 days ago:
Lucky ass caught me in a good mood.
Goat lord 5 days ago:
@Jtoms2 Lololol
Goat lord 5 days ago:
@Jtoms2 No idea, was 5 years ago.
Goat lord 5 days ago:
FINE. let it be known... this is the ONLY account ive ever unblocked. ever.
Goat lord 5 days ago:
@JoshOG @KnotJeffGordon thanks man! gunna get it all organized soon.... this was part of "mau5trap mondays" which we do for charity.

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