Genre:Electro House, Progressive House
    Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
    Date of birth:1981-01-05
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deadmau5 is among the top DJs in the world

deadmau5 is performing within the field of Electro House, Progressive House music and is ranked 33 on the official DJ rankings list (

deadmau5 is 37 years old, and his zodiac is Capricorn.

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Goat lord 30 minutes ago:
not bad for a couple of jokers!
Goat lord 2 hours ago:
Goat lord 3 hours ago:
Perfection! timhortons #smilecookie :D
Goat lord 2 days ago:
well, the mouse is outta the bag,....working on my first film score for @constantinfilm @Netflix's #Polar. So in ho…
Goat lord 3 days ago:
@C_WattsUp Totally agree, who can resist the sound of cymatic serum presets with a limiter on them for 2 hours straight
Goat lord 3 days ago:
aw yeah!
Goat lord 3 days ago:
Million dollar iOS app idea: doesn't matter what app it is, just don't make the app icon blue so I can fucking find it on my screen.
Goat lord 3 days ago:
@2kfanatic913 @TheChainsmokers Dig deep for this one huh?
Goat lord 5 days ago:
@TwonnyTrash dude! it wasnt even my call to begin with! someone done fucked up on that one... ill make it good. sorry man!
Goat lord 6 days ago:
@citytammie :/
Goat lord 1 week ago:
Goat lord 1 week ago:
working on some new cube 3.0 visuals on wee rendering. @maxon3d @OTOY
Goat lord 1 week ago:
@budalichious @GregParisi @HQ2AC tHiS DoEsNt MaKe AnY SeNSE!!
Goat lord 1 week ago:
@CloutManCometh It's shit alright. I'll give you that.
Goat lord 1 week ago:
love it
Goat lord 1 week ago:
@jayybenz @ayoStav cool. he's almost half way to mine. gg!
Goat lord 1 week ago:
Oh shit... Atlantic city show this weekend is postponed coz of the weather shit...fuck. We'll reschedule! Sorry people :/
Goat lord 1 week ago:
what move? probably his smartest move to date.... putting the bucket on someone elses head who actually has talent.
Goat lord 1 week ago:
@BenBreamer more than i need.
Goat lord 1 week ago:
I'm not sure any of them understands how this works

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