Genre:Hardcore / Hard Techno
    Location:Oslo, Norway
713 official dj-rankings.com




da tweekaz has a many loyal fans in his home country

da tweekaz is performing within the field of Hardcore / Hard Techno music and is ranked 713 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Da Tweekaz 1 hour ago:
RT @ThisIsTheFatRat: UPDATE: I'm sure I'll get this sorted out with a lawyer but @YouTube's attitude here is mind-blowing. A guy claims my…
Da Tweekaz 12 hours ago:
@CK_1000BHP Merry Christmas to you too 😊
Da Tweekaz 13 hours ago:
@CK_1000BHP Yes it is 😎😁
Da Tweekaz 1 day ago:
@Sub_ZeroProject I like this version more https://t.co/a7CslaX38h
Da Tweekaz 1 day ago:
@DubbelHQ They are in a limited number only so let's cross our fingers that they're still available in 2 day!
Da Tweekaz 1 day ago:
RT @iammcd_: Miss vibin with these guys, so damn fun @darrenstylesuk @DaTweekaz https://t.co/8WRdXkpfgO
Da Tweekaz 2 days ago:
RT @RapingPaper: typically belgium: in an intercity train, in a country with three official languages, the train stops in the middle of now…
Da Tweekaz 3 days ago:
Get into the Christmas sprit with these dashing new Christmas Sweaters! 🎁🎄https://t.co/rwG9L3JS0q https://t.co/G0y55qqhsO
Da Tweekaz 4 days ago:
@iammcd_ https://t.co/GXUVtRUtTW
Da Tweekaz 4 days ago:
@iammcd_ https://t.co/ltUnCKPZVD
Da Tweekaz 4 days ago:
@iammcd_ https://t.co/ujamKKb5lt
Da Tweekaz 4 days ago:
@iammcd_ You did more Hey Ho's than that with us brrrrŕrrrrruh
Da Tweekaz 4 days ago:
And people say that we are the one's trying to get sponsored by a big brand. Pfff... this is next level idiotic 😂 https://t.co/ZZlojBdmbU
Da Tweekaz 5 days ago:
@_CottonKandiKid @GrumpyKatarina @tweekacore @wildstylez @Atmozfears @djcoone Ditto https://t.co/HSuLH4knjR
Da Tweekaz 6 days ago:
At least wifi is free. @HiltonHotels https://t.co/MnXkQU5SDN
Da Tweekaz 6 days ago:
@GrumpyKatarina @justinmw316 @_CottonKandiKid @darrenstylesuk So am I. Careful now!
Da Tweekaz 7 days ago:
@KayzoMusic https://t.co/TvzUgvbLw6
Da Tweekaz 7 days ago:
In the backseat of the car https://t.co/v8sgyYNRI0
Da Tweekaz 7 days ago:
When in reality https://t.co/YSeYcdora5
Da Tweekaz 7 days ago:
@Otennleg So far you got the record buddy!

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