Genre:Hardcore / Hard Techno
    Location:Oslo, Norway
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da tweekaz is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

da tweekaz is performing within the field of Hardcore / Hard Techno music and is ranked 713 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Da Tweekaz 16 minutes ago:
You know it's been "one of those nights" when you find a showreel of @DJGammer wearing his raincoat on your phone 🌝 https://t.co/buhSamOVTn
Da Tweekaz 18 hours ago:
@flxlngr @PegboardNerds Absolutely not serious 😊
Da Tweekaz 20 hours ago:
Sorry guys. Won't be giving away the edit due to no moral support from @PegboardNerds https://t.co/OYcQTs9s04
Da Tweekaz 1 day ago:
@HardwellUnited Nnnnnope
Da Tweekaz 1 day ago:
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary That was Twitter tweeting. Not me. https://t.co/3f8jBCKTZf
Da Tweekaz 1 day ago:
RT @hardisland: Vodka & Jägermeister missing .... @DaTweekaz were probably here ... :) #hilife #partyhard #summer #Festival https://t.co/9…
Da Tweekaz 1 day ago:
So we asked @DJGammer what he thought about hardstyle https://t.co/GrEGwJBMen
Da Tweekaz 3 days ago:
@mikeysimps1 @PriceIsRight 😂😂
Da Tweekaz 4 days ago:
FOREVER! 💦 https://t.co/arrmLo1uG8 https://t.co/tl9mCX2vce
Da Tweekaz 4 days ago:
@DJGammer Dark Souls?
Da Tweekaz 4 days ago:
@leocorson @Virtual_Riot You cannot represent us anymore... https://t.co/Pk5I0lOtqm
Da Tweekaz 4 days ago:
RT @sasaoida: So I dreamt that my sister and I performed an a cappella version of Jägermeister and we actually rocked it. Live jodeling nev…
Da Tweekaz 5 days ago:
RT @CkDunder: @DaTweekaz https://t.co/UdpXzaEorn
Da Tweekaz 6 days ago:
The new exclusive @HardDriverMusic goodie bag. Slightly misspelled tho. https://t.co/0PR7ryUByX
Da Tweekaz 7 days ago:
@myselfishdream @Ryanair That is horrible 😕😕
Da Tweekaz 7 days ago:
RT @myselfishdream: @DaTweekaz @Ryanair Ryanair left my elderly mother stranded at brs Airport after canceling the fr4440 flight to VLC. Th…
Da Tweekaz 1 week ago:
@wastedpenguinz @Ryanair We thought we could give the ugly duckling a chance. But it did not turn out to be a Swan all along.
Da Tweekaz 1 week ago:
@rossumedia https://t.co/0yOYKEz2FX
Da Tweekaz 1 week ago:
Even with a 45 minute delay.
Da Tweekaz 1 week ago:
After yesterday's nightmare we are already on a plane on our way to Austria! Already happy being back on board a @KLM plane ❤

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