Genre:commercial dance
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david dallas is an acclaimed DJ from

david dallas is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 4080 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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David Dallas 26 minutes ago:
RT @LeilaniJM: So now that even more of you have fallen in 😍 with @thisteeks after the VNZMA, go have a listen to his Snacks and Chats epis…
David Dallas 15 hours ago:
RT @zacguildford11: “It’s not a negative for us” Adam Blair. Broooooo
David Dallas 1 day ago:
Best. street. skater. on. EARTH https://t.co/UTUxsmwzLF
David Dallas 2 days ago:
@jamalwuave @p_money lol, my bad uce - downstairs selection was limited. I'm paying the price today too
David Dallas 3 days ago:
@FFFRRANNNO plus there still hasn't been a better song than "I'm A Boss" this decade.
David Dallas 4 days ago:
That @Lorde show last night was so good I'd quit this 6 win run I'm on in Hearthstone Arena to re-watch it.
David Dallas 4 days ago:
RT @LeilaniJM: Ya fave podcast Snacks and Chats is back. First up @ogjessb Listen here: https://t.co/5IsBE1tHKV https://t.co/EtSYoFKwLs
David Dallas 4 days ago:
Least I'll always be able to say the greatest twitter user of all time followed me. #RIPASAPYAMS https://t.co/5k0s9LMYdn
David Dallas 4 days ago:
RT @BodegaBAMZ: LONG LIVE ASAP YAMS HBD https://t.co/K8lUKdtzqV
David Dallas 4 days ago:
Roger's first serve just evaporated in that set
David Dallas 4 days ago:
@coupdemain @lorde the jam
David Dallas 6 days ago:
RT @LeilaniJM: "They'll seem weird but they're actually not that far-fetched. Women go through these struggles every day and that's the gro…
David Dallas 1 week ago:
RT @Kristynvai7: A heckin good therapist https://t.co/hBD2L47PAF
David Dallas 2 weeks ago:
RT @AndrewLittleMP: Today we righted a historical wrong by fixing Teina Pora's compensation. Best wishes to Mr Pora for a better future. ht…
David Dallas 2 weeks ago:
RT @josemorgado: 'You got the shots, you got the speed, you got it all'. John McEnroe, six weeks ago. https://t.co/q3qB7HZXJ1
David Dallas 2 weeks ago:
Best UFC PPV in ages
David Dallas 2 weeks ago:
@cinnabonpapi @_6obt @LeilaniJM @pauliolo amped for Cody vs TJ
David Dallas 2 weeks ago:
Find a girl that loves u as much as Drake loves Pita Pit
David Dallas 2 weeks ago:
The lads have got u after Drake concert 2nite https://t.co/rkeSyYYUjr
David Dallas 2 weeks ago:
@leonardpowell59 @bicrunga right ?!! Too much skills

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