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    Location:Munich, Germany
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BUTCH 1 day ago:
Down the rabbit hole with Jimpster and Gerd Went See you laterl Watergate. Free entrance for everybody https://t.co/vc9DjabsHZ
BUTCH 5 days ago:
Solid new material from Bärtaub & Fabe. Vinyl out now on my label OTHERSIDE - OS004 https://t.co/ZjFI4Lxo1l
BUTCH 2 weeks ago:
See you Tuesdays at watergate club "official" https://t.co/zibwYBaYL4
BUTCH 3 weeks ago:
Working on some new bits with Tuvaband vocals. https://t.co/N8xFdSK3VF
BUTCH 1 month ago:
Some modular synthesis with the stinky little Davide Squillace. It's out today. https://t.co/U9tYBDSbFD
BUTCH 1 month ago:
Housey mood remixing this classic from SHAZZ. Packed summer vibes in that one. Out today =) https://t.co/IR7NxeLHf5
BUTCH 2 months ago:
A good friend always got your back, and even your hair. Thank you Solomun (Official) for having me at @solomun + 1… https://t.co/em2k2MrNVY
BUTCH 2 months ago:
Live from Sarajevo’s Hum Tower https://t.co/9XQNy5VSCY
BUTCH 2 months ago:
Have a beautiful day, and see you tomorrow Robert Johnson https://t.co/muRENrJs9D #goodvibes by Janeret https://t.co/muRENrJs9D
BUTCH 2 months ago:
Good times with a bunch of cool cats offSonar. Tiga didn't cry this time. #cometobutch
BUTCH 2 months ago:
ButRic - Balam https://t.co/bXJM1jf2br https://t.co/bXJM1jf2br
BUTCH 2 months ago:
Dubbing it up for Anja Schneider. My remix of All I See is out today. #cometobutch #smokersdeluxe https://t.co/Np6Piaz8PA
BUTCH 2 months ago:
RT @residentadvisor: #RANewTracks @anjaschneider - All I See (@cometobutch Dub) https://t.co/7KgSCmr0Ow
BUTCH 2 months ago:
Butch TV from Ibiza, gimme yo questions for ya favorite DJs https://t.co/gsLVq6rEXK
BUTCH 2 months ago:
Gimme yo questions and tell me to who to ask #butchtv #cometobutch https://t.co/4EzpcGoxzX
BUTCH 2 months ago:
Preparing the next Butch TV in Ibiza. Let me know who I should invite and what I should ask them. https://t.co/AT1ITFY9u2
BUTCH 3 months ago:
Guess what The Black Madonna is playing? https://t.co/f76q13ZeNv
BUTCH 3 months ago:
20 tracks i'm feeling at the moment. Fill up your carts. https://t.co/Ht0nSCteGd
BUTCH 3 months ago:
@residentadvisor review of 'Good Luck' is pretty bang on I guess https://t.co/v3pBId9BEa
BUTCH 3 months ago:
So easy, Mondays like Easy-E https://t.co/wzgxoneiMO

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