Genre:Drum & Bass
    Location:Orlando, FL, United States
1076 official dj-rankings.com

United States



ak1200 has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

ak1200 is performing within the field of Drum & Bass music and is ranked 1076 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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AK1200 4 hours ago:
"the rebirth of rave is happening no matter what... the only difference? instead of just telling kids how good it u… https://t.co/Upo9n3fDXX
AK1200 24 hours ago:
🤯 https://t.co/SE0XKxf7v7
AK1200 1 day ago:
This Friday Puerto Rico!!! https://t.co/BzsHfmKtxC #ak1200 https://t.co/IfjwRCfSao
AK1200 1 day ago:
this Thursday Denver!!! https://t.co/bliGSTvJyp #PlanetOfTheDrums https://t.co/D72mJgaOgK
AK1200 1 day ago:
this Sunday Ft. Lauderdale!!!!! https://t.co/GJ4IDjgPSU #PlanetOfTheDrums https://t.co/ScryJqouH5
AK1200 1 day ago:
@LarryCalyx @EDC_LasVegas @bassrush @DjTeeBee @SymmetryHQ nice one! looks like it was a fun one. big shout to them… https://t.co/fDVCv23NmC
AK1200 1 day ago:
@ANDYC_ram dm fella ;)
AK1200 1 day ago:
@tommiesunshine hey I have a couple tunes for you. DM your email addy please :)
AK1200 3 days ago:
@blame720 sample sources :) https://t.co/mieiBbVPiq
AK1200 3 days ago:
@Si2BadMice you know Turbo B lives just down the road from me... he used to anyway. I haven't talked to him in year… https://t.co/Diw7GuBnoc
AK1200 4 days ago:
@ArmanniReign HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hope you have a doozy of a day!
AK1200 5 days ago:
@domandroland I went in to bounce stems at 8pm last night, and walked out in disgust at midnight because I got so d… https://t.co/kfFHgm8Y9y
AK1200 5 days ago:
one week from tonight!!! Denver. POTD. https://t.co/UIsE5OUyH9 https://t.co/UIsE5OUyH9
AK1200 6 days ago:
I just caught myself typing out a tweet about how much stuff has been getting wrapped in the studio, and what I'm a… https://t.co/XooeSG2Qg7
AK1200 1 week ago:
@djfizzix @thisisliquid nah we are going pre jungle... rave.. hardcore.. breakbeat..
AK1200 1 week ago:
RT @GASLAMPKILLER: I’ve been unable to speak on my situation for 7 months. It is with great care and awareness that I share my story with y…
AK1200 1 week ago:
currently fine tuning 1 of 2 brand new tunes from an {as of yet untitled} "rave revival" project with the one like… https://t.co/zYAXdlPYfv
AK1200 1 week ago:
Gridlok always on point!!! https://t.co/c1Bm0AvoGQ
AK1200 1 week ago:
@dirtymcflux @Si2BadMice @SeanDeepBlue now all you need are 2 dancers and a time machine. set it to Orlando for Jun… https://t.co/3hskTlQap0
AK1200 1 week ago:
@elhornet I'll take "Things that regularly happen in the studio for $2000, Alex"... 🤪 https://t.co/YTl3yFy7fv

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