Genre:Progressive House
    Location:Oaxaca, Mexico
13730 official




ademir is a DJ from Mexico

ademir is performing within the field of Progressive House music and is ranked 13730 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Ophidian 5 days ago:
Brisbane is horrible. (It’s not) @ Southbeach Social
Ophidian 6 days ago:
What’s the first thing you do when you land in Brisbane at 6:30 AM? That’s right, BBQ. #bbqlife…
Ophidian 1 week ago:
This weekend it’s time to rock Brisbane!
Ophidian 1 week ago:
At the Three Sisters @ Three Sisters Blue Mountains
Ophidian 1 week ago:
Here’s a fat little Aussie I just met. @ Sydney, Australia
Ophidian 2 weeks ago:
RT @andrewhuang: remember vero?
Ophidian 2 weeks ago:
RT @mistortion: @djophidian 🙌🙊
Ophidian 2 weeks ago:
Pixel sunset. @ Sydney, Australia
Ophidian 3 weeks ago:
Practicing my melodies for my live act at Nightvisions in Sydney next weekend!
Ophidian 3 weeks ago:
I’m going under.
Ophidian 4 weeks ago:
@hardstyle_hc @Dj_Thera Thanks a lot!
Ophidian 1 month ago:
RT @mistortion: Nightvisions 😍@djophidian & @titannl 2 of my all time favourite artists 🙌 ahhh this is the best ! Can't wait 🎶 #nightvision…
Ophidian 1 month ago:
I think I’ve found my new personal DJ performance mask
Ophidian 1 month ago:
(draft) #meta4 #raziel #uytdenoudendoosch #digital #remaster
Ophidian 1 month ago:
#TBT Duck-core live @ Cityrave, 2006 #dj #live #utrecht #akaimpc #placebo #duck #hashtag @…
Ophidian 2 months ago:
Ophidian 2 months ago:
#TBT Harmony of Hardcore 2013 @ Erp, Netherlands
Ophidian 2 months ago:
So I heard you guys like kicks edits.
Ophidian 2 months ago:
OK One more! Artcore vibes comin’ through tonight at Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil!
Ophidian 2 months ago:
Who remembers me sounding like this? The dust comes off these tracks tomorrow for my Trypticon set at Ouwe Stijl...

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