Genre:Progressive House
    Location:Oaxaca, Mexico
13730 official




ademir is a DJ from Mexico

ademir is performing within the field of Progressive House music and is ranked 13730 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Ophidian 20 hours ago:
RT @synapsenl: Lekker LOMP!
Ophidian 1 day ago:
Ophidian 2 days ago:
My new release with @synapsenl "Inhuman EP" is out now! Check it out at your favorite store or
Ophidian 2 days ago:
Sometimes you gotta be a little less serious.
Ophidian 2 days ago:
RT @enzymerecords: Ophidian & Synapse deliver an off the chain release for Enzyme 80 .Containing a huge crunchy collab and 2... https://t.c…
Ophidian 2 days ago:
RT @Estheell: Synapse & Ophidian - Inhuman via @YouTube
Ophidian 2 days ago:
RT @SymphoniumProd: Que le Nemesis Game commence ... #Hardcore #SymphoniumSquad @djOphidian @THRASHER_PRSPCT @Tripped_Badback @omkaraoffici…
Ophidian 3 days ago:
@DiscipleX_X Thanks! Tof dat je het een een leuke set vond.
Ophidian 3 days ago:
RT @dj_angerfist: Time to unleash the demons. Here is the tracklist of my new album 'Creed of Chaos'. Pre-order your signed copy: https://…
Ophidian 3 days ago:
Then it came... the answer. [NZM 80]
Ophidian 4 days ago:
This Friday it's time to rough up Antwerp!
Ophidian 2 weeks ago:
Setlist Ophidian @ Thunderdome, 28-10-2017
Ophidian 3 weeks ago:
So yeah, kinda after the fact, but you must have heard quite a couple of interesting new bits ;)
Ophidian 4 weeks ago:
Just posted a photo
Ophidian 4 weeks ago:
Posted some pictures from my Japan Tour. What an awesome country!
Ophidian 1 month ago:
@rez_dtb Quill!
Ophidian 1 month ago:
Scored quite a couple of hardcore CDs here in Japan! @ Tokyu Stay銀座
Ophidian 1 month ago:
I think I've had too many mushrooms #mariokart @ Shibuya, Tokyo
Ophidian 1 month ago:
Thanks for everything, Hardgate crew. It's been a memorable time! Had a lot of fun. See you all in the future!
Ophidian 1 month ago:
RT @kanon_merde: @djOphidian本物生のBytterfly VIP聴けて感動...。。 ライブめちゃくちゃカッコ良かった✷

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